Thursday, December 27, 2012

23 Things to Do in 2013 - Updated 12-25-13

My bucket list for 2013 (with some rollover from 2012)
Rollover from 2012:
  1. Learn to Knit.
  2. Host a tea party (not a political one - one with pretty cups, tea, and tea sandwiches!) 6.11.13

  3. Go on a romantic picnic. 
  4. Create a video in iMovie.
  5. Pay my CC off, completely (3K)
  6. Go skydiving.
  7. Host a sleepover party - "Glamazon Weekend"
  8. See at least 2 Broadway plays/musicals. Update: 2 of 2 completed: Spiderman: The Musical. Cinderella on Broadway 1/28/13
  9. Buy something designer that I can't afford (pay cash for it - yes, I'm aware of #5!)
  10. Travel out of the country - see something new - Ireland March 2013
  11. Pray more.

  1. SURPASSED: Run 2 half marathons (Spring/Fall) Update 2/2 completed: Divas Half: San Francisco Bay + Newport Liberty Half: Jersey City, NJ 2:02:38 Divas Half:Long Island 2:01:36, Healdsburg Half Marathon: Napa Valley
  2. Tackle 10 new recipes (5 meals, 5 desserts) Update: MEALS 5/5 meals completed 1. Short Ribs in Wine and Cream Sauce 2. Red Wine Pasta  3. Goat Cheese Arugula Pizza 4. Homemade Kale Pesto 5. Apple Cinnamon Porkchops DESSERTS 2/5 completed: 1. homemade jam, 2. key lime pie froyo pops, 3. scones  4. Cherry Lemonade Donuts)
  3. Write 5 poems.
  4. Visit the Mall of America
  5. Read 10 new books! Update: 10/10 completed 1. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn 2. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith 3. Room by Emily Donahue 4. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green 5. The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls 6. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins 7. All The Rules by Ellen Fein 8. Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith 9. Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker 10. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
  6. Stay @ a cute bed and breakfast (I want to stay here.)
  7. Take a painting class for fun
  8. Do a blog makeover. Completed by Smitten Blog Designs 9.9.13
  9. Take a M.A.C makeup class
  10. Attend a Christian Women's Conference
  11. UPDATE: 1/2 Complete. Visit 2 Museums: Whitney Museum 
  12. Have an amazing photoshoot; Print awesome photos: Vintage Pin-Up Girl Photoshoot
  13. Watch a new T.V show - "Pretty Little Liars" (It counts! I swear it counts!)
  14. Tackle 5 D.I.Y projects: UPDATE: 3/5 completed (1. Bird feeder, 2.fabric wrapped hangers 3. homemade soap 4. notepad 5.) vintage oil + vinegar bottles
  15. Snowboarding trip (Vermont - January 2013)
  16. Master a new skill (Sewing?)
  17. Attend a concert.
  18. Dress as a hipster, explore Brooklyn, and buy something vintage while there.  10.9.13
    Flower Childing through Williamsburg.
    Thrift Store Diving at the Buffalo Exchange

  19. Volunteer time for a good cause (Mercy House)
  20. Go Zip-Lining (Vermont - January 2013)
  21. Take a pottery making class
  22. Run 5 races UPDATE: 5/5 complete (1. Color Run 2. May the Road Rise to Meet Ye: St. Patricks Day 5K 3. Summer Run Series 4.Divas Half Marathon Long Island 5. Healdsburg Half Marathon)
  23. Find an incredible guy :)
Hope this inspires you to create a list of your own :)



  1. Hey Rach,
    I want to come to your tea party (not political) & invite Aunt Cath :) I love number 11 on 2012 rollover! Praying is something we all could do more of, especially for each other! I think you are an amazing young woman and I am soooo proud to call you my niece! Love you Aunt Laurie

  2. I would LOVE to come to your Tea Party! Come to Virginia and bring Aunt Laurie! We have an adorable little Tea Room not far from Dee's home. Some of us have already been there! love you bunches! Aunt C


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