Wednesday, March 6, 2013

D.I.Y Project #2: Vintage Oil & Vinegar Bottles

I have to be honest,
I don't use a ton of oil + vinegar (well, I will now!)
but we all have those bottles or caddy's lying around
so either dust them off
 or clean them out and start fresh
 because I'm going to show you 
how to repurpose them into
 something you're proud to display [! ]

So for my D.I.Y Project #2 
may I present -
Vintage Oil + Vinegar bottles!

Materials: Oil and Vinegar, Mini Faux Grapes, Labels, Twine
Materials: Hinged Pourers, Funnel, Empty bottles
What You'll Be Needing:
  • (2) Empty glass bottles - one for your vinegar, one for your balsamic (I found mine at T.J Maxx for $3/each)
  • (2) Hinged Pourers (I bought a 2-pack from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $4.99) Some bottles already come with these tops, but if they don't - I suggest the hinged tops since they provide controlled pouring and have a closed top for sanitary purposes.
  •  Bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for filling)
  •  Bottle of Balsamic Vinegar (for filling)
  • (1) Sheet of Printed Oil + Vinegar Labels from Eat.Drink.Chic. Artwork by Amy Moss.
  • Optional: Mini Faux Grapes (I found these adorable ones by Ashland at Michael's for around $5)
  • Optional: 1 yrd of Twine (I found this rustic looking one from Joanne's Fabrics and purchased 1 yd of the spool for around $3)
  • Funnel (for easy pouring)
  • Double-Sided Tape 
  • Glue Gun (For Attaching Mini Faux Grapes)
  1. Prep yourself by the obvious - washing your bottles out, cutting out your oil & vinegar labels, warming the glue gun, and opening/washing your hinged pourers.
  2. Using the funnel for easy pouring, fill your oil + vinegar into appropriate containers. Seal tops with hinged pourers. IMPORTANT: Thoroughly wipe down bottles (with windex if necessary) to remove any residue from pouring. Residue may hinger attachment of your labels or destroy them.

3. Attach your vintage inspired Oil +Vinegar labels using double-sided tape. 

4. Tie your twine around the nose (top) of bottle and cut at desired length.

5. Using the glue gun, attach the mini faux grapes (on opposite sides for oil and vinegar) on top of your twine to the left or right side of bottle.

These beautiful bottles are now ready to be
debuted on your kitchen counter
or during your next dinner party!

Thanks for reading - 
feel free to post your comments 
or inbox me your questions...

A pleasure,
 as always -


More Photos:

They already have found their spot on my kitchen counter! =)


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