Thursday, May 30, 2013

D.I.Y: Shopping + Notepad

I don't know about you, but I LIVE and BREATHE
shopping lists...actually, I don't want to even
box myself into that category.

I love all lists in general,
not just shopping ones.
Lets just get that right out in the open.

Grocery lists. To-Do Lists. Home Improvement Checklist.
Vacation Packing list.

[This is on the side of my refrigerator.
I rest my case.]

Everything is a list. 

So when I ran across this little mini
Do-It-Yourself project
 (D.I.Y for all you crafters out there)
on the Smitten Blog Design blog 
(I think I told you all they are redesigning my blog,
I'm very excited!)
I wanted to share it with you.

I try and plan my meals out for the week
because its super annoying to
have to run back and forth to the 
grocery store several times a week
for just a few ingredients you don't have
for a particular recipe,
so I love the concept and idea of this 
cute little meal planner + grocery list in one!


1) Head over to the Smitten Blog to print out your shopping lists here.
You can print any combination you want - I went with 30 total, 10 of each color. 

2) Cut them out; take your time. No one likes a jagged edge!

3) Place them in whatever sequential order you want. I liked the green/orange combo, so I placed that one on top! :)

4) Secure with a clip, which will making the sealing process that more painless. You will need a silicone sealant, which you can find at a hardware store (don't try Michaels, or ANY craft store for that matter. They don't sell it). I found this one for $5 at Lowes- its potent stuff, so be careful and make sure you don't get it on your skin or eyes (huge irritant) and be sure to use it in a well ventilated space, preferably by an open window.

5) You do a thin strip across the top and let it dry for a few hours, then your good to go!

Now you are ready to head to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or your
favorite grocery spot or local market,
and cook something delicious.

Have a great night!

A Sweet Little Blonde

All shopping lists,
Copyright Smitten Blog Design.

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