Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

Hi, everyone!

Well its a new year and I am sure we are all looking forward and not back.

Maybe you have new years resolutions you will strive to attain this year 
or maybe you're not making any this year because you don't want the pressure.
That's fine too. :)

I want to encourage everyone that this is a clean new slate.
Leave the past year's ups and downs, highs and lows
and focus on being better this year.
Build on a great 2012 
or leave it BEHIND and hope 2013 
has so much more in store for you-
Either way, YOU are part of that equation.

Don't sit back and wait for good things to come to you. 
Don't be a bystander

While creating mood boards for my new blog on Pinterest last night, 
I stumbled on this pin that I love. 
Even if you don't make a list of goals (as I did) for 2013
23 Things to Do in 2013!
hopefully you have a good idea 
of your personal/professional goals for the year ahead. 

Declaration of Intention for YOU

Declaration of Intention by Rachel

Have a great 2013!

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