Sunday, May 21, 2017

Top 5 San Diego Blogger Spots!

One of my girlfriends and I recently embarked on a little day trip
adventure down to San Diego.

 I had never been -
and seeing as we're both on broke girl budgets but we love travel,
we decided we're going to start doing little West Coast 
day trips and weekend getaways. 

This way we can save our money for more worthy things - 
like overpriced lattes and more makeup we don't need.
But hey, I'm 33 and you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

So - with a date set and the idea we wanted to try and pack as much into a day as possible -
off we went. As a basic Instagram b****,
 I of course did some preliminary research to try and find cute places
to have lunch, walls to take pics, cute little shops - that sort of thing.

I am sure these are not ALL of them -
 (I have a lot more of San Diego explorin' to do)
 but I am going to jot down the timeline of our day out there
 so you can see where we went, what we did - 
and please feel free to leave your recommendations of 
places I need to check out next time.

Our San Diego itinerary:

6am - pickup 
(Jessica drove, so all I had to do is drag my pajama-clad but to the car - thanks Jess!)

8am - San Diego arrival
We started here at  Pannikin Coffee & Tea located at 
510 N. Highway 101
Encinitas CA 92024
to have some coffee before the Flower Fields opened.
Try the Mocha Latte - it's made with real Mexican Chocolate, for an authentic taste and texture.

10am - Carlsbad Flower Fields
We arrived to the Flower Fields just after opening, located at
5704 Paseo del Norte
Carlsbad CA 92008
This stop was inspired by my endless quest to see the alleged 'Superbloom' 
happening due to an uncommon abundance of rain in SoCal Jan/Feb/March.
These 'Superblooms' happen only once every 10 years or so 
and prior to this San Diego trip I had driven out to
 Anza Barrego desert looking for these blooms. No luck.
I decided if I wanted flowers - I would not come up empty handed at a flower farm!
It was so PRETTY - I highly recommend it.

12:30pm - Holy Matcha
After the grueling work of frolicking in flower fields for an hour or so,
it was time for refreshments.
One of my favorite L.A spots for tea is Alfred Tea 
and so when I found out there was a similarly designed pink matcha bar
called Holy Matcha located at
3118 University Ave
 San Diego 92104
it had my name written all over it.

If I'm honest - I found it on Instagram and
it pretty much inspired the entire San Diego trip! ;)

It was like stepping into an Instagram/Blogger's dream - 
everything from the wallpaper, to the greenery against a pink backdrop, 
to the drinks was so ADORABLE that I died and went to blogger heaven
 (if such a thing exists - and I know it does 
because I died and went there that day).

2pm - Pigment 
In my research for cute spots to visit, I came across
this decor store called Pigment located at
3801 30th Street
San Diego 92104
on Instagram, which doubled as a wall to take photos 
and a shop that promised very Instagram worthy merchandise.
The entire store is just one big Instagram trap -
offering cute succulent plants, chic decor, and adorable stationary, trinkets, and novelty items.
If you're passing through San Diego - this store is a MUST SEE.

After all that shopping and photo taking - it was time for happy hour!
Next we stopped into FairWeather - which is a rooftop tiki bar
located downtown at 
795 J Street, Floor 2
San Diego CA 92101
which was a little tricky to find because it kind of doubles 
as a speakeasy since you have to walk through
Rare Form (another bar/restaurant on the ground level)
 to get to the Tiki Bar called 'Fairweather' up top!
There is also no working number listed (we tried to call and make sure they were open)
so just take our word it exists and the cocktails are delicious!
The funny part is it overlooks San Diego's baseball stadium - 
so we didn't even need tickets to get a front row seat to the baseball game going on.
The drink menu was awesome and as this blog post promises
everything was SUPER instagrammable including
the bar design, the way the drinks are garnished, and 
the overall vibe!

It was such a fun day - I vlogged the trip, so if you want to check it out,
here it is...

Hope you guys enjoyed this - if you did, please 
share it with friends and other bloggers!

I love hearing from you - so feel free to leave comments
or get in touch on social media for more of my adventures.

My IG handle is: @rachelyarmosh


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Current Obsession - Mermaid Hair with ROOTFLAGE!

hi guys!

 I am back today to share something I've been loving!

Say hello, to my mermaid hair courtesy of Rootflage.
(think root and camouflage = rootflage)

Modeling Rootflage 'Peacock Blue'
So recently I've been on a pastel hair color kick! 
Whether you want to bring out your inner mermaid (like me)
or transform to your true unicorn form (LOL),
temporary hair color makes me happy and 
is such a fun way to switch up your look 
without the finality of permanent color! 

I first tried Schwarzkopf 'Blonde Me' 
which are temporary spray-in colors that wash out
(I have shades Sapphire and Strawberry). 
I loved the colors but I did not like the formula. At all. 
It left my hair really heavy with that sticky product 
build-up feeling and despite liking the shades, 
 I couldn't wait to get home and shower. 
My hair felt gross and was hard to run a brush through.

I found myself using it infrequently because it 
just wasn't worth making my hair so grimy - 
especially since I don't wash my hair every day! 
I have very fine hair and it just wasn't working for me.

But, I discovered a new brand called Rootflage that has 
AMAZING color payoff,
 a huge variety of colors to choose from
(seriously so many- I need them all!),
and the best part - instead of being a spray formula
 it's actually a powder you brush on that doubles as a dry shampoo!
Super easy, super convenient, super fast.

Yes, its true!
Such a magical product does exist.

The product is intended to cover roots - so its a great beauty hack
to cover growth in between salon visits and save yourself some $$$.
I have silver toned blonde hair and I've been using 'Ice House' to cover my roots
and it works perfectly - its a great match!
However, they have normal hair shades as well (see below).

It can also be used as all over color as well.
I have blonde hair and used the 'Peacock Blue' 
which gave me the most perfect
mermaid teal color I've ever seen! 

This easily washed out in the shower...
but my TWO TIPS:

1) Bright/dark colors can get messy so make sure
you wipe down surfaces from fall out
(it shouldn't stain, but I would wipe down sooner than later)
and try to be precise with your application
as it is powder form and easily air born!

2) I applied it directly to the root at the scalp which turned
my scalp bright blue - oops. LOL
(It wasn't a big deal, I went back with a washcloth and wiped the excess)
For a more natural look, I recommend applying
an inch or so down from the scalp, then brushing the product
through so your scalp looks flesh colored instead of blue.
I overdid it a bit - I was VERY excited!

I can't wait to play around and try some more shades!

Here are some additional perks...

Besides the most magical colors ever, 
my favorite part is probably the fact it feels 
similar to a dry shampoo in my hair!
Instead of weighed down - my hair is fuller,
more voluminous, and the mineral powder absorbs
any oil so it prolongs your blowout!

Just wanted to recommend a great product 
that I've truly been loving...

 More info at Rootflage or 
find them on Instagram.


This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are those of my own.
Some products may have been sent in consideration of a review.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hollywood Hills Photo Shoot

Just started doing some promotional modeling again 
here in L.A and recently had the pleasure of working
with ModelHostess, where we shot these beautiful photos on location.

It was a lot of fun!

I figured I would share my favorite picks with you guys...

Hope you like!

For promotional events/booking inquiries -- get in touch!


Monday, March 28, 2016

'Goal Digger' Lifestyle Series - Ep. 2: Your Agenda

For those of you who don't know,
I've been collaborating with the Trade Kraft Network
on a #lifestyle series called
'The Goal Digger'.

It's an 8 part series that is a lifestyle-focused,
& includes different advice, protips, and tricks of the trade
to help make your life more efficient and your time more effective.

I focus on healthy recipes, how to sneak in some exercise into a busy lifestyle,
or for example - organize yourself!

Check out Ep. 2 on
'Making Organization Your Agenda'
where we focus on vision planning.

Your Agenda | TradeKraft via MissYarmosh by missyarmosh

 I'll also link the intro video - Ep. 1
'Exercise Pockets' where I discuss how
you can sneak in exercise to a busy lifestyle
during small pockets of time throughout the day!

You can find me on either
please subscribe to my channel
so you get updates when I post the next video in the series...

Wishing you a productive & happy life!


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lavender Honey Popsicles + a (funny) 'lavender' story

From Rachel's Kitchen:

I had some cooking lavender left and felt inspired to do
a lavender rendition of popsicles in my Zoku pop maker
(this thing is the best!)

Quick funny side story and then on to the recipe...

I thought the pops turned out delicious 
and sent Mom what I deemed a lovely photo of one,
which you can see below.

She replied (via text)
"Eww, looks like bugs!"
When I responded "What?! That's not nice!!!"
She replied, "Nooo, remember what Dad said about your lavender soap?"
...and ofcourse I instantly started laughing
because it brought a really funny story flooding back!
(P.S She's got a good memory because I didn't know what she 
was talking about at first.)

The Cliff Notes version is my dad was staying over my apartment one summer. 
He wanted to wash up before dinner and took a shower while I 
finished preparing dinner.
He comes out in a towel and I asked "How was your shower?"
He goes "It was nice, but you had some bugs on your soap!"
I was preoccupied cooking so it took a second to sink in.
I finally process what he said and look at him with a puzzled face.

Me: Bugs?
Dad: Yeah, you had these little bugs on your soap.
Don't worry, I scraped them off for you!
Me (laughing): WHAT?! What bugs?!
Dad: Seriously. 
Me: Dad, what are you talking about?
Dad: C'mere, I'll show you!

[Proceeds to lead me into the bathroom and grabs my soap 
from the shower caddy.]

He proudly presents my soap like a trophy,
with these deep nail divots throughout
(where he "scraped the bugs off") --
like he saved me from some disgusting fate
during my next shower.

Me: [Looks of horror]
"Dad, what did you do to my soap?"
Dad: There were bugs stuck all over the top.
I got them off for you!
Me: Dad! Those weren't bugs, they were lavender petals.
I just bought that French lavender soap at a fancy shop 
in the Hamptons! You ruined it!
Dad: Oops. Sorry they looked like bugs!
...I guess I owe you a new one?

[End Scene]

Can't believe my Mom remembered that...
but that story will definitely go down as a classic.
The time my Dad destroyed my lavender soap
because it had 'bugs all over it'.

MEN: Stick to what you know
(and a lavender soap might be saved!)

Well, as you can imagine - I won't be offering him
any of my lavender popsicles!

Here's the recipe: Yields 4 Pops
  • 1 TBSP cooking lavender (purchase at health food store)
  • 1 Cup Milk (2% - but whole or half/half is better)
  • 2 TSP fresh honey (wildflower is best, but clover will do)
  • 1 Cup (Honey or Plain Flavored Greek Yogurt)
  • Lavender Petals (for garnish only)
  • Red + Blue Food Dye (to make purple - just 1 drop of each should do!)
  • Strainer
  1. Heat one cup of milk with the cooking lavender. You can use a tea diffuser or just leave the lavender floating in the milk and then strain it out. Do not let boil, just continue stirring until heated through. Take off burner and let lavender steep for 5 minutes to create a "lavender milk".
  2. Strain lavender out and whisk in honey until liquified. Add food coloring (I didn't have blue so I used more red and less green dye and it didn't turn out half bad! Improvise people!) Let cool in either a refrigerator for 20 min or a freezer for 10 min. 
  3. Once cool, stir in Greek yogurt to give a thicker consistency. I suggest stirring in yogurt a little at a time to make sure it doesn't become too thick that its not pourable into the mold.
  4. Pour into Zoku maker and freeze for 15 minutes - remove using pop remover tool and store in Zoku pop case. Add remaining mixture to one additional mold and freeze another 15 minutes.

You can obviously use other popsicle molds, I just know they take way longer to freeze.

You may also be wondering why if I have a 3 pop maker, 
why I don't fill the additional 2 molds on the second round to make 6!

 The reason is its just my roommate and I and we like to have 1 or 2 each,
and then move on to a new flavor...
however if you have friends over or kids, make as many as you like!


5 Blog to Read - Right Now!

As a blogger, I am always visiting other blogs
to draw daily inspiration.

Here are a few I am loving right now...

Summer of Diane
A Miami based fashion/style blogger's
 haven for travel, style, and rebellion

Her IG is a must for the boho chic gypsy in you.


No hidden secret here - these sisters have made in big!
They dabble in everything from home decor, to recipes, 
to adorable DIY projects & crafts -
like these super cute "invisible" bookends.

On a rainy day, I like to get lost in here.

How Sweet It Is

Drool-worthy recipes that even in my wildest imagination
I couldn't dream up.
And she's a huge fan of glitter, anything neon, and sprinkles -
so naturally we would be best friends.
Like who can possibly make chia seed pudding look THAT delicious?
She's a magician!

Here's your INSPO for all things yummy.

Eat Drink Chic

Amy Moss is a graphic designer based out of Australia
and her blog is for the girls who appreciate
crafting, DIY, and an eye for design aesthetic.

She always has cute style + home decor picks,
but my favorite portion of her blog is her DIY & freebies section.
I DIY (get it?!) over these flamingo cocktail invites...

I've been known to disappear for hours in this section.
And bonus - they are all free of charge.
Just download and print...thanks Amy!

Miss Maven

Lately, I've also been enjoying Teni Penosian's blog
on beauty, fashion, and a bit of lifestyle.

Originally, I found her on YouTube and followed her updates there,
but came to realize she was actually a blogger prior to YouTuber.
She's sweet, down to earth, and gorgeous.
Check out the Valentine's Day dinner she hosted for her girlfriends,
such a cute idea!

What blogs do you follow?

Are there any you can't live without?

Drop them in the comments below
so we can all check them out...

Check in with you guys soon!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quote of the Day: 'I am the Storm'

Someone needed to receive this
just as much (if not more)
than me today.


Sometimes we need to get out of our own way.

We need to learn to trust the process.

And sometimes, we need to realize that if a door isn't opening...
its not because of our lack of dedication, perseverance, hard work, or drive--
it's because it's not our door.

Hope this encourages you today!

Thanks for stopping by...

Feel free to drop me a note on the contact portion of this blog --
or come say hi on my other social networks...
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Friday, March 18, 2016

10 Things I Miss About New York!

I'll be honest, I'm in an L.A state of mind these days.

With weather in the mid 80's, sunshine, palm trees, 
 feel good vibes and PLENTY OF TIME on my hands
I'm kind of YOLO'ing 
through my days.

Sure, I've been out of work for almost 2 months
 (give or take) and fundage (I make up my own words, its fine!) 
is low, but when I land a good job,
these days of money worries will be far behind me
and I can say I enjoyed my time off.
And so did the banks I have credit cards with (HA!)
[More on my employment 'adventure' in the next post..
It's St. Patty's Day and I'm a little woozy with boozy
 - so lets save the pity party for another post 
so I can enjoy my beer-infused cocktail in good spirits.
We'll go to the dark side another day.]

However...there are of course things I miss about the East Coast,
some that are specific to New York (my home prior to 3 months ago).

Here are the TOP 10 things I miss about the Motherland:

10. Dairy Barn 
I miss the convenience of driving through to pick up milk or eggs,
and Godiva misses the free milk bones they gave her.
If you've never been through a Dairy Barn on Long Island,
you've missed out on the greatest Iced Tea...ever.

9. Dunkin Donuts
C'mon. You knew coffee was going to be on here somewhere.
Oddly enough -The Dunkin Donuts phenomenon has not made it out here
 to the City of Angels.
I'm shocked as there are tons of coffeehouses out here -
with Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf amongst the top.
These people have not lived until they've had a DD Iced Coffee on a 
hot summers day (which is literally every day in Southern California).
Lucky for me they've recently opened a couple of locations - 
Santa Monica, Hollywood (closest to me, about a 7 minute drive)
North Hollywood, and Downtown 
... hopefully this trend continues.
Join us L.A - after all, America runs on Dunkin.
And P.S While we're on the topic of coffee,
why have drive thru's not spread here yet?
Especially with the lack of parking,
drive thru Starbucks and DD would be so much more convenient!!!

8. Bagels
Bagel places line the streets of New York.
I have not seen ANY here, 
however there are a ton of donut shops.
Seems my beloved bagels have been replaced 
by another carb heavy breakfast imposter with a hole.
My heart is a little heavy about this...
but my @$$ thanks you.
We can also add delis to #8 - there aren't any good delis either.
I know we owe many of these places to Jewish shop owners -
but are there no Jewish people out here?
What I would do for an everything bagel
with cream cheese OR
a maple turkey, munster cheese, lettuce, bacon,
and thousand island dressing on a fresh roll
- my classic go-to deli sandwich.
I can't even think about it...
I'm starting to drool.

7. Free Parking
You literally cannot go anywhere without having to 
pay for street parking, a parking garage, or valet.
You want to run into Dunkin Donuts for a coffee? Pay the meter.
You want to run into Marshalls for some home goods? Pay $3 to park in a garage.
You want to eat in a nice restaurant during the weekend? 
Forget street parking -you'll miss your dinner rez.
 Cough up $10 to valet.
Literally, you pay to park pretty much ANYWHERE.
And DON'T YOU DARE neglect to read the parking signs
if and when you do find street parking.
My first 2 weeks here I was blessed with 2 parking tickets.
$63 for parking more than 18" from the curb (what?! Go fight crime!)
and $73 for failing to move my car in time for "street cleaning". 
Thanks for the warm welcome, L.A.
P.S When I complained to friends about this...
they said it was a rights of passage. And to be thankful I didn't get 
towed to the nice tune of $250 to get your car back from the impound.

6. Pizza
Need I say more?
They. Just. Don't. Get. It.

5. Complimentary Grocery Bags
Everything is very earth conscious/earth friendly here,
which I'm 100% behind. 
However, I'm still not used to having to bring my
own grocery bags into the store WITH me.
If you want bags, you pay for bags.
I've been a little stubborn with this because I put
some of these reusable bags into my car for this very reason,
but in my haste --
I just always forget to bring them in with me.
So, yup. I'm the jerk juggling (and dropping)
10 items in my arms all the way to my car.
But HA - I cheated the system and saved .30 cents on 3 bags.
Which I'll use towards the parking meter
 for my coffee tomorrow morning! 

4. Pomegranate Seeds
I am kinda obsessed with them
and I purchased them with ease weekly from Best Yet,
a grocery store in New York.
On a sticker attached to said poms - read "Imported from California"
yet they are nowhere to be found here.
I've been looking for weeks, in numerous locations,
leaving no stone unturned. I've come up empty handed.
I am starting to think California ran out
because they literally sent them all to New York.
Take care of YO PEOPLE first.

3. New York time DOES NOT EQUAL L.A time
I miss people/companies who say what they mean.
In New York, when I say I'll call you in 5 min...I call you at 4 min and 59 seconds.
In L.A when I say I'll call you - it means I'll email you. Maybe.
 In 3 weeks.
In New York, when an employer says you have the job --
You have the job. They send you the offer in a reasonable timeframe.
You're kept informed and their word is reliable.
In L.A, when an employer says you have the job,
it means they possibly liked you, but were smokin' something good
and forgot about your existence post interview.
 Or that they're not even a real company.
If I didn't know better, I would think there are hidden cameras on me
and I'm being punked.
Stay tuned for a JOB UPDATE Storytime on my YouTube
(Please subscribe while you're there:

2. Gas Prices
When I was traveling from N.Y to L.A, I paid gas prices as low as $1.42 
in good 'ol Alabama - but even in New York they were under $2. 
I am paying almost $1 more per gallon here.
Now I know why everyone walks, runs, and bikes here.
It's too expensive to drive, especially due to the gas guzzling 
nature of the stop and go traffic in Los Angeles.

1. Family
You knew I was going to include at least one sappy/heart warming
reason. But in all seriousness, I miss being able to drive 
5 min away and meet my Mom and sister for coffee at Starbucks.
Or the warm nostalgic feeling I get driving through my cute little Village
on the water, with all its familiar faces and shops.
I miss popping in to visit family across the Island.
Or the short 55 min express train ride into Manhattan
to spend the day & explore.
I miss the 5 hour drive down to Washington D.C
to visit my 2 nephews, brother, and sister in law.

I miss it all.

If you want to make me feel a little closer to home...
I'm now accepting visitors!

Shoot me a text or give me a call...
just because I'm drenched in the California sun all day
doesn't mean I don't love to hear a familiar voice.
Its a little slice of home.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Risky Business.

It's kind of a weird story.

I find that the best outcomes often
come from these odd or bizarre instances or occurrences
that set people on a trajectory they didn't even see coming.

Here's one such occurrence,
the one that made me decide to move to Los Angeles.

I was leaving dance class on a beautiful September morning last year,
the kind of weather that just makes your heart feel happy
(or maybe it was the endorphins from exercise? Maybe a combo of both? Who knows!)
I always make a b-line for Dunkin Donuts after a particularly hard workout
because I feel like I've earned the half and half, which is how I prefer my coffee.

I order my iced coffee, turn on my radio,
and start driving home. 
I felt like I could conquer the world.
I had my windows down, my hair thrown up in a messy bun, 
these ridiculous teal sunnies on,
some r&b jams, and an iced coffee in hand.

I often like to think about things on the 20 minute ride home, 
and that day was no exception.
I have always dreamed of traveling more
and those days - I was thinking about it more and more.
The need to 'leave' was a constant fixation.
(Which is strange, because I really love New York so much!)

After plans of moving to Australia the year before fell through
(there were no working visas available at the time that would allow me to secure work)
I began to ponder other, more 'realistic' options. 
Miami? Dallas? Los Angeles?

Was it the right move to just uproot my life at 32 years old?
Could I find work and would I be able to support myself
so far from home with little to no support network?
Would I be able to make new friends?
Would I be happy or was this just a 'phase' 
and once I got "here" (wherever that someplace was)
would I instantly regret it?

There were so many unknowns.
I tossed the idea of travel around so many times 
and the ache to leave home and explore
a new part of the world never really went away.
It was deep, deep, deep.
I knew it wasn't a phase and
 I knew time wasn't going to make it just go away.

But that morning driving home I made my decision.
I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror in those
ridiculous, over the top 'almost famous' teal sunglasses 
and said to myself: 
'Rachel, you don't belong here.
You belong in L.A.'

And just like that
 -with one glance in the mirror at my reflection
 of blonde messy hair blowing in the rearview, 
I had made up my mind.
I was resolute in my decision.
This. Was. Happening.

When I announced I was moving, of course I was instantly met
with criticism, backlash, and negativity
that filled me with self doubt to the brink. And then some.
Everyone had something to say
(whether I asked for their opinion of not)
Here is the cliff notes version:
Blank stares. 'Why?'
'Such a dumb move. You don't even have a job!'
'You're having a mid-life crisis' (unless I'm dying at 60, I was sure this wasn't the case)
'What are you running from?'
'You just feel this way because you're not married and you're looking to fill a void'
(cause that's NOT insulting!)
'This is really risky. I thought you had a better head on your shoulders'
I could go on and on.

But I don't have time because I'm still working on proving them all wrong.

Fast forward 6 months.
I am living in Los Angeles, California
drinking coffee and looking at blue skies and palm trees outside my balcony.
It's a cooler morning than its been the last few weeks
(we've been experiencing a heat wave)
but I'll still take 72 degrees in March!

The sunglasses that made me decide to move to California!
I'm not going to preach it was easy to get here.
It wasn't. 
It took planning, saving, extreme organization, a lot of coordinating,
 and of course -there were setbacks.
 [That's a WHOLE other blog post - Cross Country Relocating 101.
If anyone is interested, let me know in the comments and I can share some tips!]

But I'm here. I'm happy.
And it's a beautiful sunny day in Los Feliz,
a humble little section of the universe I now call home.

This adventure doesn't end here.
There is much more work to be done
and the risk of relocating and taking a huge chance
 is not all together gone.
I need to find full-time work.
I need to set up my new apartment and buy furniture.
I need to put myself out there and make new friends.
And I need to continue to invest in goals and aspirations.
Check things off my bucket list.
Vision plan. Work hard. Keep dreaming big.

I wanted to share my story in hopes
it inspires or encourages EVEN one person 
on the verge of making a huge decision to follow through.
Take the risk.

I am living proof that all it takes is a teal pair of sunglasses,
an iced coffee, and a particularly beautiful September morning
to set your dreams on fire.


P.S If you're interested in watching my Cross Country trip from N.Y to L.A,
I'll link the video for you!

Cross Country Roadtrip | MissYarmosh by missyarmosh

Happy Dreaming,

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pop Art Makeup Tutorial

Late on the Halloween train?
Check out this 'how-to' on a fun pop-art/comic book-style makeup, 
inspired by Andy Warhol's art - 
just in time for Halloween! 

Literally jump off the pages of your favorite Marvel comic book, 
with just a few makeup tools and a little inspiration. 
In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if the "PopArt-razzi" starts following you 
around after recreating this look...

Thanks to DailyMotion for sharing the video, 

which has almost 60K views! 

Happy Halloween!

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Friday, September 4, 2015


Got youuuuu!

But the truth of the matter is,
I am in love with these sunglasses from Gage,
and you too should #GetEngaged.
They're vibrant, colorful, and trendy sunnies- 
not for the faint of heart. 
They're for adventurers, risk takers, 
and statement makers.

I try and serve those all up daily!

 Gage Sunglasses, a local Long Island lifestyle brand 
is not only responsible for the most comfortable pair of
"sunnies" that have ever graced my face with their nearly non-existent presence
(and I mean that in the best possible way, 
they are so lightweight... but more on that later!)
but they also are dripping with some of the 
dopest styles and color selections I've ever seen.
And you guys know me...
I get FANCY!

Each pair retails for $24.95
and currently are available in the 5 styles shown above.

As someone immersed in the world of marketing,
I consider myself a savvy consumer - 
the product has to back the hype,
 or you'll hook the consumer to only lose them later.
The product must speak for itself.

While it's true Gage has some of the most enticing social media
I've seen to date ---
(one look at their Instagram account during the work day
will have you booking your next tropical vacation)
their product stands on its own.
Simply stated: These sunglasses rock.

The difference?
Each of Gage's frames are made from a relatively new material called TR90.
It's basically a thermoplastic material that truly delivers the goods!
It's extremely durable, flexible, and above all else, super lightweight.
I don't even feel like I have anything on my face!

I took the entire collection on a recent trip to the Outerbanks, N.C
and couldn't get over how lightweight, comfortable,
and [straight up] tight my "selfie" game was...ha ha!
They made it wayyyy too easy.

Check out some photos from my Instagram here: 

If you couldn't tell, I was crushing on the Drifters & Poseidon models the hardest,
but they are all so fun!

While the company is a fresh, hip, forward-thinking brand, 
their message also rocks.
"Life is all about the simple things that make us happy. Chillin’ on the beach with your friends and enjoying the good life. Seeking the thrills of an outdoor adventure on the slopes or riding the waves. Doin’ the things that spark your emotions and make you feel alive.  
Now that’s exactly what we’re all about. 
It’s all about building a culture of people who won’t let life pass them by. You’ll routinely see us using #goodvibes on our social media posts. Here at Gage, we embrace the game changers, the thrill seekers, and anyone who specializes in thinking out-of-the-box. 
These are the true rock stars in life."
Who doesn't love supporting & buying products
from a company that projects such a positive lifestyle?

I'm a fan.

I just checked the website and everything right now seems
to be in stock - but they have a current LABOR DAY SALE
going on so I'm not sure how long that will last!

20% off until Monday, 9/7 ...
Use the code: LABORDAY20

For more info on Gage Sunglasses, visit their website.

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Disclaimer: Gage sent me these samples to try, but all opinions are my own.

See you out there...