Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Risky Business.

It's kind of a weird story.

I find that the best outcomes often
come from these odd or bizarre instances or occurrences
that set people on a trajectory they didn't even see coming.

Here's one such occurrence,
the one that made me decide to move to Los Angeles.

I was leaving dance class on a beautiful September morning last year,
the kind of weather that just makes your heart feel happy
(or maybe it was the endorphins from exercise? Maybe a combo of both? Who knows!)
I always make a b-line for Dunkin Donuts after a particularly hard workout
because I feel like I've earned the half and half, which is how I prefer my coffee.

I order my iced coffee, turn on my radio,
and start driving home. 
I felt like I could conquer the world.
I had my windows down, my hair thrown up in a messy bun, 
these ridiculous teal sunnies on,
some r&b jams, and an iced coffee in hand.

I often like to think about things on the 20 minute ride home, 
and that day was no exception.
I have always dreamed of traveling more
and those days - I was thinking about it more and more.
The need to 'leave' was a constant fixation.
(Which is strange, because I really love New York so much!)

After plans of moving to Australia the year before fell through
(there were no working visas available at the time that would allow me to secure work)
I began to ponder other, more 'realistic' options. 
Miami? Dallas? Los Angeles?

Was it the right move to just uproot my life at 32 years old?
Could I find work and would I be able to support myself
so far from home with little to no support network?
Would I be able to make new friends?
Would I be happy or was this just a 'phase' 
and once I got "here" (wherever that someplace was)
would I instantly regret it?

There were so many unknowns.
I tossed the idea of travel around so many times 
and the ache to leave home and explore
a new part of the world never really went away.
It was deep, deep, deep.
I knew it wasn't a phase and
 I knew time wasn't going to make it just go away.

But that morning driving home I made my decision.
I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror in those
ridiculous, over the top 'almost famous' teal sunglasses 
and said to myself: 
'Rachel, you don't belong here.
You belong in L.A.'

And just like that
 -with one glance in the mirror at my reflection
 of blonde messy hair blowing in the rearview, 
I had made up my mind.
I was resolute in my decision.
This. Was. Happening.

When I announced I was moving, of course I was instantly met
with criticism, backlash, and negativity
that filled me with self doubt to the brink. And then some.
Everyone had something to say
(whether I asked for their opinion of not)
Here is the cliff notes version:
Blank stares. 'Why?'
'Such a dumb move. You don't even have a job!'
'You're having a mid-life crisis' (unless I'm dying at 60, I was sure this wasn't the case)
'What are you running from?'
'You just feel this way because you're not married and you're looking to fill a void'
(cause that's NOT insulting!)
'This is really risky. I thought you had a better head on your shoulders'
I could go on and on.

But I don't have time because I'm still working on proving them all wrong.

Fast forward 6 months.
I am living in Los Angeles, California
drinking coffee and looking at blue skies and palm trees outside my balcony.
It's a cooler morning than its been the last few weeks
(we've been experiencing a heat wave)
but I'll still take 72 degrees in March!

The sunglasses that made me decide to move to California!
I'm not going to preach it was easy to get here.
It wasn't. 
It took planning, saving, extreme organization, a lot of coordinating,
 and of course -there were setbacks.
 [That's a WHOLE other blog post - Cross Country Relocating 101.
If anyone is interested, let me know in the comments and I can share some tips!]

But I'm here. I'm happy.
And it's a beautiful sunny day in Los Feliz,
a humble little section of the universe I now call home.

This adventure doesn't end here.
There is much more work to be done
and the risk of relocating and taking a huge chance
 is not all together gone.
I need to find full-time work.
I need to set up my new apartment and buy furniture.
I need to put myself out there and make new friends.
And I need to continue to invest in goals and aspirations.
Check things off my bucket list.
Vision plan. Work hard. Keep dreaming big.

I wanted to share my story in hopes
it inspires or encourages EVEN one person 
on the verge of making a huge decision to follow through.
Take the risk.

I am living proof that all it takes is a teal pair of sunglasses,
an iced coffee, and a particularly beautiful September morning
to set your dreams on fire.


P.S If you're interested in watching my Cross Country trip from N.Y to L.A,
I'll link the video for you!

Cross Country Roadtrip | MissYarmosh by missyarmosh

Happy Dreaming,

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