Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Current Obsession - Mermaid Hair with ROOTFLAGE!

hi guys!

 I am back today to share something I've been loving!

Say hello, to my mermaid hair courtesy of Rootflage.
(think root and camouflage = rootflage)

Modeling Rootflage 'Peacock Blue'
So recently I've been on a pastel hair color kick! 
Whether you want to bring out your inner mermaid (like me)
or transform to your true unicorn form (LOL),
temporary hair color makes me happy and 
is such a fun way to switch up your look 
without the finality of permanent color! 

I first tried Schwarzkopf 'Blonde Me' 
which are temporary spray-in colors that wash out
(I have shades Sapphire and Strawberry). 
I loved the colors but I did not like the formula. At all. 
It left my hair really heavy with that sticky product 
build-up feeling and despite liking the shades, 
 I couldn't wait to get home and shower. 
My hair felt gross and was hard to run a brush through.

I found myself using it infrequently because it 
just wasn't worth making my hair so grimy - 
especially since I don't wash my hair every day! 
I have very fine hair and it just wasn't working for me.

But, I discovered a new brand called Rootflage that has 
AMAZING color payoff,
 a huge variety of colors to choose from
(seriously so many- I need them all!),
and the best part - instead of being a spray formula
 it's actually a powder you brush on that doubles as a dry shampoo!
Super easy, super convenient, super fast.

Yes, its true!
Such a magical product does exist.

The product is intended to cover roots - so its a great beauty hack
to cover growth in between salon visits and save yourself some $$$.
I have silver toned blonde hair and I've been using 'Ice House' to cover my roots
and it works perfectly - its a great match!
However, they have normal hair shades as well (see below).

It can also be used as all over color as well.
I have blonde hair and used the 'Peacock Blue' 
which gave me the most perfect
mermaid teal color I've ever seen! 

This easily washed out in the shower...
but my TWO TIPS:

1) Bright/dark colors can get messy so make sure
you wipe down surfaces from fall out
(it shouldn't stain, but I would wipe down sooner than later)
and try to be precise with your application
as it is powder form and easily air born!

2) I applied it directly to the root at the scalp which turned
my scalp bright blue - oops. LOL
(It wasn't a big deal, I went back with a washcloth and wiped the excess)
For a more natural look, I recommend applying
an inch or so down from the scalp, then brushing the product
through so your scalp looks flesh colored instead of blue.
I overdid it a bit - I was VERY excited!

I can't wait to play around and try some more shades!

Here are some additional perks...

Besides the most magical colors ever, 
my favorite part is probably the fact it feels 
similar to a dry shampoo in my hair!
Instead of weighed down - my hair is fuller,
more voluminous, and the mineral powder absorbs
any oil so it prolongs your blowout!

Just wanted to recommend a great product 
that I've truly been loving...

 More info at Rootflage or 
find them on Instagram.


This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are those of my own.
Some products may have been sent in consideration of a review.

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