Friday, March 18, 2016

10 Things I Miss About New York!

I'll be honest, I'm in an L.A state of mind these days.

With weather in the mid 80's, sunshine, palm trees, 
 feel good vibes and PLENTY OF TIME on my hands
I'm kind of YOLO'ing 
through my days.

Sure, I've been out of work for almost 2 months
 (give or take) and fundage (I make up my own words, its fine!) 
is low, but when I land a good job,
these days of money worries will be far behind me
and I can say I enjoyed my time off.
And so did the banks I have credit cards with (HA!)
[More on my employment 'adventure' in the next post..
It's St. Patty's Day and I'm a little woozy with boozy
 - so lets save the pity party for another post 
so I can enjoy my beer-infused cocktail in good spirits.
We'll go to the dark side another day.]

However...there are of course things I miss about the East Coast,
some that are specific to New York (my home prior to 3 months ago).

Here are the TOP 10 things I miss about the Motherland:

10. Dairy Barn 
I miss the convenience of driving through to pick up milk or eggs,
and Godiva misses the free milk bones they gave her.
If you've never been through a Dairy Barn on Long Island,
you've missed out on the greatest Iced Tea...ever.

9. Dunkin Donuts
C'mon. You knew coffee was going to be on here somewhere.
Oddly enough -The Dunkin Donuts phenomenon has not made it out here
 to the City of Angels.
I'm shocked as there are tons of coffeehouses out here -
with Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf amongst the top.
These people have not lived until they've had a DD Iced Coffee on a 
hot summers day (which is literally every day in Southern California).
Lucky for me they've recently opened a couple of locations - 
Santa Monica, Hollywood (closest to me, about a 7 minute drive)
North Hollywood, and Downtown 
... hopefully this trend continues.
Join us L.A - after all, America runs on Dunkin.
And P.S While we're on the topic of coffee,
why have drive thru's not spread here yet?
Especially with the lack of parking,
drive thru Starbucks and DD would be so much more convenient!!!

8. Bagels
Bagel places line the streets of New York.
I have not seen ANY here, 
however there are a ton of donut shops.
Seems my beloved bagels have been replaced 
by another carb heavy breakfast imposter with a hole.
My heart is a little heavy about this...
but my @$$ thanks you.
We can also add delis to #8 - there aren't any good delis either.
I know we owe many of these places to Jewish shop owners -
but are there no Jewish people out here?
What I would do for an everything bagel
with cream cheese OR
a maple turkey, munster cheese, lettuce, bacon,
and thousand island dressing on a fresh roll
- my classic go-to deli sandwich.
I can't even think about it...
I'm starting to drool.

7. Free Parking
You literally cannot go anywhere without having to 
pay for street parking, a parking garage, or valet.
You want to run into Dunkin Donuts for a coffee? Pay the meter.
You want to run into Marshalls for some home goods? Pay $3 to park in a garage.
You want to eat in a nice restaurant during the weekend? 
Forget street parking -you'll miss your dinner rez.
 Cough up $10 to valet.
Literally, you pay to park pretty much ANYWHERE.
And DON'T YOU DARE neglect to read the parking signs
if and when you do find street parking.
My first 2 weeks here I was blessed with 2 parking tickets.
$63 for parking more than 18" from the curb (what?! Go fight crime!)
and $73 for failing to move my car in time for "street cleaning". 
Thanks for the warm welcome, L.A.
P.S When I complained to friends about this...
they said it was a rights of passage. And to be thankful I didn't get 
towed to the nice tune of $250 to get your car back from the impound.

6. Pizza
Need I say more?
They. Just. Don't. Get. It.

5. Complimentary Grocery Bags
Everything is very earth conscious/earth friendly here,
which I'm 100% behind. 
However, I'm still not used to having to bring my
own grocery bags into the store WITH me.
If you want bags, you pay for bags.
I've been a little stubborn with this because I put
some of these reusable bags into my car for this very reason,
but in my haste --
I just always forget to bring them in with me.
So, yup. I'm the jerk juggling (and dropping)
10 items in my arms all the way to my car.
But HA - I cheated the system and saved .30 cents on 3 bags.
Which I'll use towards the parking meter
 for my coffee tomorrow morning! 

4. Pomegranate Seeds
I am kinda obsessed with them
and I purchased them with ease weekly from Best Yet,
a grocery store in New York.
On a sticker attached to said poms - read "Imported from California"
yet they are nowhere to be found here.
I've been looking for weeks, in numerous locations,
leaving no stone unturned. I've come up empty handed.
I am starting to think California ran out
because they literally sent them all to New York.
Take care of YO PEOPLE first.

3. New York time DOES NOT EQUAL L.A time
I miss people/companies who say what they mean.
In New York, when I say I'll call you in 5 min...I call you at 4 min and 59 seconds.
In L.A when I say I'll call you - it means I'll email you. Maybe.
 In 3 weeks.
In New York, when an employer says you have the job --
You have the job. They send you the offer in a reasonable timeframe.
You're kept informed and their word is reliable.
In L.A, when an employer says you have the job,
it means they possibly liked you, but were smokin' something good
and forgot about your existence post interview.
 Or that they're not even a real company.
If I didn't know better, I would think there are hidden cameras on me
and I'm being punked.
Stay tuned for a JOB UPDATE Storytime on my YouTube
(Please subscribe while you're there:

2. Gas Prices
When I was traveling from N.Y to L.A, I paid gas prices as low as $1.42 
in good 'ol Alabama - but even in New York they were under $2. 
I am paying almost $1 more per gallon here.
Now I know why everyone walks, runs, and bikes here.
It's too expensive to drive, especially due to the gas guzzling 
nature of the stop and go traffic in Los Angeles.

1. Family
You knew I was going to include at least one sappy/heart warming
reason. But in all seriousness, I miss being able to drive 
5 min away and meet my Mom and sister for coffee at Starbucks.
Or the warm nostalgic feeling I get driving through my cute little Village
on the water, with all its familiar faces and shops.
I miss popping in to visit family across the Island.
Or the short 55 min express train ride into Manhattan
to spend the day & explore.
I miss the 5 hour drive down to Washington D.C
to visit my 2 nephews, brother, and sister in law.

I miss it all.

If you want to make me feel a little closer to home...
I'm now accepting visitors!

Shoot me a text or give me a call...
just because I'm drenched in the California sun all day
doesn't mean I don't love to hear a familiar voice.
Its a little slice of home.



  1. It's too bad I don't have details to help you out in LA, I missed a lot of those things when I was living in San Diego, so should you want to road trip, I can provide you with a few delis, pizza places & my favorite drive thru coffee spot (better buzz - they don't have that in LA) - while there is no comparison, these places satisfied my pallete. Also, no one griddles their eggs, they microwave them, but I found a decently good bagel shop w good egg sandwiches. I will be in San Diego next month fulfilling all of the things I miss about the west coast should you want to take a trip down! Hope you're enjoying yourself & good luck on the job hunt

  2. Hi Lau Lau - heard you were preggers! Congrats! I am so happy for you! Umm heck yes I want to take a trip down to visit when you're here. My boy is from San Diego (he's living in NYC right now - so confusing, but he's from Cali) so I am dying to see what it's like over there. It's only a 2 hour trip and I can take the train, so let me know. Miss you girl! And thanks for reading babes....xo Rach


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