Sunday, May 21, 2017

Top 5 San Diego Blogger Spots!

One of my girlfriends and I recently embarked on a little day trip
adventure down to San Diego.

 I had never been -
and seeing as we're both on broke girl budgets but we love travel,
we decided we're going to start doing little West Coast 
day trips and weekend getaways. 

This way we can save our money for more worthy things - 
like overpriced lattes and more makeup we don't need.
But hey, I'm 33 and you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

So - with a date set and the idea we wanted to try and pack as much into a day as possible -
off we went. As a basic Instagram b****,
 I of course did some preliminary research to try and find cute places
to have lunch, walls to take pics, cute little shops - that sort of thing.

I am sure these are not ALL of them -
 (I have a lot more of San Diego explorin' to do)
 but I am going to jot down the timeline of our day out there
 so you can see where we went, what we did - 
and please feel free to leave your recommendations of 
places I need to check out next time.

Our San Diego itinerary:

6am - pickup 
(Jessica drove, so all I had to do is drag my pajama-clad but to the car - thanks Jess!)

8am - San Diego arrival
We started here at  Pannikin Coffee & Tea located at 
510 N. Highway 101
Encinitas CA 92024
to have some coffee before the Flower Fields opened.
Try the Mocha Latte - it's made with real Mexican Chocolate, for an authentic taste and texture.

10am - Carlsbad Flower Fields
We arrived to the Flower Fields just after opening, located at
5704 Paseo del Norte
Carlsbad CA 92008
This stop was inspired by my endless quest to see the alleged 'Superbloom' 
happening due to an uncommon abundance of rain in SoCal Jan/Feb/March.
These 'Superblooms' happen only once every 10 years or so 
and prior to this San Diego trip I had driven out to
 Anza Barrego desert looking for these blooms. No luck.
I decided if I wanted flowers - I would not come up empty handed at a flower farm!
It was so PRETTY - I highly recommend it.

12:30pm - Holy Matcha
After the grueling work of frolicking in flower fields for an hour or so,
it was time for refreshments.
One of my favorite L.A spots for tea is Alfred Tea 
and so when I found out there was a similarly designed pink matcha bar
called Holy Matcha located at
3118 University Ave
 San Diego 92104
it had my name written all over it.

If I'm honest - I found it on Instagram and
it pretty much inspired the entire San Diego trip! ;)

It was like stepping into an Instagram/Blogger's dream - 
everything from the wallpaper, to the greenery against a pink backdrop, 
to the drinks was so ADORABLE that I died and went to blogger heaven
 (if such a thing exists - and I know it does 
because I died and went there that day).

2pm - Pigment 
In my research for cute spots to visit, I came across
this decor store called Pigment located at
3801 30th Street
San Diego 92104
on Instagram, which doubled as a wall to take photos 
and a shop that promised very Instagram worthy merchandise.
The entire store is just one big Instagram trap -
offering cute succulent plants, chic decor, and adorable stationary, trinkets, and novelty items.
If you're passing through San Diego - this store is a MUST SEE.

After all that shopping and photo taking - it was time for happy hour!
Next we stopped into FairWeather - which is a rooftop tiki bar
located downtown at 
795 J Street, Floor 2
San Diego CA 92101
which was a little tricky to find because it kind of doubles 
as a speakeasy since you have to walk through
Rare Form (another bar/restaurant on the ground level)
 to get to the Tiki Bar called 'Fairweather' up top!
There is also no working number listed (we tried to call and make sure they were open)
so just take our word it exists and the cocktails are delicious!
The funny part is it overlooks San Diego's baseball stadium - 
so we didn't even need tickets to get a front row seat to the baseball game going on.
The drink menu was awesome and as this blog post promises
everything was SUPER instagrammable including
the bar design, the way the drinks are garnished, and 
the overall vibe!

It was such a fun day - I vlogged the trip, so if you want to check it out,
here it is...

Hope you guys enjoyed this - if you did, please 
share it with friends and other bloggers!

I love hearing from you - so feel free to leave comments
or get in touch on social media for more of my adventures.

My IG handle is: @rachelyarmosh


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