Monday, March 28, 2016

'Goal Digger' Lifestyle Series - Ep. 2: Your Agenda

For those of you who don't know,
I've been collaborating with the Trade Kraft Network
on a #lifestyle series called
'The Goal Digger'.

It's an 8 part series that is a lifestyle-focused,
& includes different advice, protips, and tricks of the trade
to help make your life more efficient and your time more effective.

I focus on healthy recipes, how to sneak in some exercise into a busy lifestyle,
or for example - organize yourself!

Check out Ep. 2 on
'Making Organization Your Agenda'
where we focus on vision planning.

Your Agenda | TradeKraft via MissYarmosh by missyarmosh

 I'll also link the intro video - Ep. 1
'Exercise Pockets' where I discuss how
you can sneak in exercise to a busy lifestyle
during small pockets of time throughout the day!

You can find me on either
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so you get updates when I post the next video in the series...

Wishing you a productive & happy life!


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