Monday, December 30, 2013

Bucketlist 2014: 25 Things to Do in '15

Here we are...
a new year with new adventures.

My 2015 Bucketlist:

1. Visit the book signing of a favorite author for an autographed copy. [Emily Giffin, The One & Only, Book Revue, Huntington]
2. Run a marathon.
3. Go skydiving.
4. Take a cooking class.
5. Host "Glamazon Weekend" - basically a glamorous sleepover party.
6. Visit the Mall of America.
7. Run at least 6 half marathons. [Update: 4/6 completed: NYC Half, More Women's Half, Nike Women's Half Marathon DC, Brooklyn Half Marathon]
8. Travel to a new continent: Thailand: March 2014
9. Take a photography class.
10. Read 10 new books - including at least one non-fiction, one biography/autobiography, and one classic. [Update: 7/10 completed: Time Traveler's Wife, And the Mountains Echoed, Mockingjay, The Other Bolelyn Girl (biography), The New Rules of Marketing & PR (non-fiction) The Life of Queen Elizabeth I, The One & Only]
11. Pack a picnic and eat in Central Park.
12. Pay off my credit card.
13. See a musical.
14. Go to a concert.
15. Undertake 3 apartment improvements. 
16. Attend a Christian Women's Conference
17. Stay at a cozy/sweet Bed & Breakfast.
18. Discover the man of my dreams - where are you?!
19. Go on a hike.
20. Host a Victoria Secret themed party.
21. Attend a sporting event of a beloved New York team.
22. Have a spa day with my girlfriends.
23. Try a fab new restaurant in NYC.
24. Have a "cultural" day someplace new.

Rollover from 2014:
  • Write 5 poems.
  • Tackle 10 new recipes (5 meals, 5 desserts) Update: MEALS 5/5 meals completed 1. Short Ribs in Wine and Cream Sauce 2. Red Wine Pasta  3. Goat Cheese Arugula Pizza 4. Homemade Kale Pesto 5. Apple Cinnamon Porkchops DESSERTS 3/5 completed: 1. melting snowman cookies 3. scones  4. Cherry Lemonade Donuts)

I am incredibly blessed and cognizant of the fact I am
just an ordinary girl leading a pretty extraordinary life.

Don't waste life with petty gossip, wanting what others have,
being hateful or wanting to avenge those who have wronged you.
Move forward, forgive, and just keep moving.
Life is so short and we only graze the surface
down here on earth.

Make your days count.
Don't waste one single one...

I look forward to writing and sharing more
adventures with you throughout 2015.
God Bless You...


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