Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue Mason Jars

It's no secret I'm a fan of mason jars - 
there is just so much you can do with them,
as I've blogged about here.

You can serve lemonade and other
  summer-inspired beverages , 
I'm planning a Spring-themed tea party for 
my girlfriends and I, and recently revisited my
Bad Girls Tea Party 
pinboard on Pinterest.

 I remembered pinning these adorable teal colored
 mason jars and fresh flowers as an idea for centerpieces!
I love the contrast in color between the flowers and jar
and the teal color of the mason jars reminds me 
of beach glass.

Teal Mason Jar + Flowers from Pinterest.

However, I couldn't find any mason jars in this cool color.
Fast forward to last night:
I'm on Paper-Source referencing the price 
of some items I recently purchased that I blogged about here
and I came across these.

Anniversary Mason Jars:
 Available for only one year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the perfect mason jar, Ball is producing their iconic pint jars in a beautiful blue color. Perfect for all your summer entertaining! Made in the USA.

Not exact replicas but pretty close [!]
Sold! :)

Pack of 6, $17.95

Do you love them too?

It's okay if I'm the only freak that can't
get my hands on enough mason jars.
In fact, I'm feeling a bit parched as we speak.

Arnold Palmer via Mason Jar, anyone?


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