Sunday, April 14, 2013

My newest obsession - Chalkboard Labels!

On my recent trip to Washington D.C,
where I stayed at the Reston Town Center -
I dropped into Paper Source and Anthropologie, 
and fell in love with some of their chalkboard-themed
stickers and jars.

Items I bought in Paper-Source: Birch Paper Straws, 'Handmade By' Stamp, and Chalkboard Lablels

For one, I love the idea of being able to 
change the label. You're going to have different products
depending on the season, so it's nice to have the flexibility
to erase and rewrite your labels.  I love it.

Chalkboard Labels- Love, love, love these!
Secondly, chalkboards...YES!
I think they are so old-fashioned 
(ha ha, yes I did say that) and cute.
Think about it... everything is dry-erase or 
computer generated (smart boards) these days
and there is just a certain nostalgia associated with 
chalkboards - at least for me.

Finally, handwritten labels 
just have a vintage-y, homemade feel to me
and I love the way these labels look.
I am going to be sharing my weekend
'refrigerator reorganization project'
 with you tomorrow and the labels fit the look
I was going for really well.
The inside of my 'fridge looks very "farm stand"
and that's kind of the look I was going for 
when I added the chalkboard labels to the containers.
BTW, wait till you see my refrigerator...
You're going to think I'm an O-C-D freak.
Which, I am.


So without further adieu,
 here are the labels I found in Paper Source
along with a few other goodies
that found they're way into my shopping cart.
All links are clickable and will take you right to the site.

Pack of 10 labels for $12.95

Pack of 144, $7.95

I also had to have these adorable birch paper straws.
I love throwing them in my homemade 
drink concoctions and smoothies -
somehow they make them taste even better.

Stamp $6.50

Love this stamp and had to have it.
I make my own scarves which I hand out over
the holidays and I was in desperate need of a stamp
that I could use on gift bags and accompany a signature.
I can also use this stamp on other D.I.Y projects
and crafts I hand out as presents or party favors.

I also wandered into Anthopologie
(sigh - I wish I was rich...
I would buy every candle in there!)
and found the most adorable mini jars
with actual chalkboard surfaces that wipe clean.
I bought 3 to keep my fresh summer herbs in
and they came in the perfect green shade for my kitchen 
(that shade is currently on sale)
but you'll find the entire selection of jars here:
Chalkboard Spice Jars.

Wellllll - what do we think?

Chalkboards in the Kitchen
the next big thing, right? ;)

UP NEXT: Rachel's Weekend Refrigerator Reorganization Project.

Sneak Peek: Rachel's Weekend Refrigerator Reorganization Project.


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