Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rachel's Shopping Cart: True Blue Spa - Raspberrilicousss

So I'm a fan of Bath & Body Works
(surprise surprise)
because I use them to feed my
fetish obsession.
In all honestly, they are the only store
that send me enough coupons 
to ease my conscience, reduce my buyer's guilt,
and make it feel like they are doing ME the favor.
If you feel otherwise,
I'd appreciate if you can keep your (wrong!) opinion
to yourself! ;)

So on a recent visit, I picked up the new
True Blue Spa: Raspberry line
and its definitely worth a smell try!

First of all, *points* for smelling delicious. 
I mean all their stuff smells good - 
but this line just brings it to a whole new level 
of wanting to CONSUME your skin care line. 

was probably my favorite
 because it has jojoba oil that leaves your skin feeling like silk.
I used it to shave my legs and it made me feel
like if I cut my legs shaving and bled to death 
on the shower floor, I would be okay if that's 
the last scent I dyed breathing in
(sorry for the graphic image).
$15 bucks and it's yours.

Next in the line-up,
Maybe I love it because it has margarita in the title
maybe it loves me because I'm a lover-of-margaritas...
I don't know! 
But love [for your body scrub] is blind
and we've just sort of found each other.
This baby goes for $15 bucks
and will last you a while since
you're only supposed to exfoliate every few days
(unless you're Lisa Fogarty,
you spray tan too much
and you need a thorough scrub down more often).
In all seriousness, its a great scrub.
The sugar crystals are small so they don't leave 
chunks of your skin missing, it smells great,
and if you're like me and you spray tan because
you're now afraid of tanning bed wrinkles,
you'll need to use this at least ONCE a week
to refresh your canvas (aka body)
for the next spray sesh (aka work of art).

Mama likey! 
"Sugar exfoliates to sweeten your spa experience while antioxidant Vitamin C, 
raspberry extract and an exotic blend of moisturizing oils provide pampering nourishment"

Lastly, the
is your go-to shower gel.
If you skip the soap for your body
and go with a shower gel to moisturize (as do I)
this loofah is not gonna know what hit her!
This stuff lathers, is super creamy,
and I wish I could drink it- 
I don't know how to put it any more honestly.
Again $15 bucks!

by True Blue Spa also
comes highly recommended! :)

Right now, True Blue Spa is running a promotion
Buy 2, Get 1 Free,
so all three will cost you $30
unless you are a coupon Queen 
and have a 20% off entire purchase 
(ehh hem).

P.S This is not a candle post, so I'll control myself, 
but I'm a huge fan of ANYTHING served in a Mason Jar, 
so naturally I thought these were just precious.

I am making a mental note to find a 
DIY mason jar candle project. ASAP.

This smell report beauty siting brought to you by-

Love you all,

Raspberry Mojito Cream Gel - True Blue® Spa - Bath & Body Works

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