Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Roses are Red, Cake Pops are Pink

Really enjoyed making these 
Sweetheart Cake Pops!

After all, it's an opportunity to not only 
brush up on my baking skills but also
to hang with the girls.

We had so much fun decorating them,
we wish we made more pops!

You can find this silicone heart tray at Michaels.

These are the kind of nights that I cherish
and hold dear to my heart.

Good, clean fun
with some wonderful woman!

You can find the recipe here.
If I can give you one baking tip,
it's to use the photo just as a source of inspiration -
don't be controlled by it or let it box you in.

I used to get upset when my baking creations
didn't turn out exactly like the picture.

The message is: 
Life isn't picture perfect.
Go with the flow, and find your own original.
The end result is so much more beautiful.

P.S Oh, and one more chocolate dipping secret I just remembered,
and wish I knew prior to this recipe because it would have
made my life a lot easier and saved a lot of previous cake pop casualties.
(Yes, there is such a thing. I can attest to it.)

Secret: Add one tsp of vegetable or canola oil to
 your baking chocolate during the melting process.
Its pure dipping perfection.


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