Monday, December 23, 2013

5 homemade gifts from the heart

With Christmas right around the corner,
and the holiday shopping frenzy in full swing --
you might really be feeling the affects of 
buyers remorse. 

While it feels good to give to others,
a lot of us take ourselves broke in the process.
If you are looking for last minute,
inexpensive homemade gifts from the heart - 
look no further.

I have 5 ideas for you that 
not only won't break the bank,
but will show your loved ones you put
a little extra, tender love and care into their 
special gift.

Check out these D.I.Y (Do It Yourself)
Gift Ideas....

I think these are so cute and easy.
All that's needed for this simple project 
are some hangers from the Dollar Store which come
(8) to a pack, and some fabric scraps from
 a local craft store (Joanne Fabrics).
 I cut the fabric into strips and using a glue gun, 
wrap them around the hangers until they are covered.
Decorate as you please with bows and ribbons
(Dollar Store has these as well).
All my friends love them! :)

You can use products found around your home to make
these delicious homemade scrubs. Sugar scrubs
are great exfoliators for the face and body this time
of year when skin tends to dry out.
Check out these fabulous DIY scrubs

3. Scarf

Put your hands to good use and knit or crochet
something warm for your loved one this holiday.
Don't know how? 
Michael's (as well as local yarn/craft shops) offer classes 
or YouTube provides great tutorials to get you
started with basic stitches.
 A simple scarf will take you under 3 hours 
to create and makes the perfect cozy Christmas gift!

4. Crafty Paint Calendar

Came across this little project and loved the idea.
Using paint color samples from Home Depot, Lowe's, etc
you can create a customized calendar.
Place an inexpensive frame over it
 (you can find them for under $5)
and use a dry erase marker to change
the month and days. 

5. Baking

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that can be consumed!
 Head over to Trader Joe's for
some gingerbread mix and bake some fresh
gingerbread for friends and family!
Presentation is all it takes
are some adorable little tins to present something
freshly baked in that makes all the difference.
I found these cute ones for $1 at Christmas Tree Shop!
Gingerbread not your thing?
How about these adorable melting snowmen cookies
I made last night?

Hope I've given you some good ideas...
feel free to share your own! 


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