Sunday, December 22, 2013

From Rachel's Kitchen: "Meltworthy" Cookies!

I stalk, I mean, ehh hem "frequent"
Better Homes & Gardens magazine and website
always looking for the latest in home decor,
entertaining, and recipes. 

I came across this recipe for
"Chocolatly Melting Snowmen"
a couple of weeks ago and couldn't resist.
How cute are these little melting snowmen?

Equal parts adorable and delicious,

the cookie underneath is chocolate peanut butter
topped with vanilla melted chocolate, a peanut butter cup hat,
dark chocolate eyes, and a orange sprinkle nose!

The notion of melting snowmen saddens
 my heart a little, but when I look at these cookies
I can't help but think of the silly little snowman
singing his song "In Summer" in Frozen...

ha ha, I adored this song during the movie.
So cute!
...And then I'm reminded that Disney Princessses & Ice Queens
can do whatever they want in
 whimsical Disney animations like 'Frozen'
and that snowman don't have to melt because
 Disney Princesses/Queens can just award them
their own personal snow clouds in warmer temps...See?!
Instant Disney Solution, Problem Solved.
Disney movies just make life a happier place! :)

Anyways, what do you guys think of these?

You can find the same recipe from
 Better Homes & Gardens here.

To follow more of my baking adventures,
stop back regularly.

See you soon...


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