Monday, October 28, 2013

Make it a paint night!

One of my favorite new hobbies is painting.

My mom and I bought a Groupon
a few months back for a Paint Night in the city.
Super inexpensive. Lots of fun.

We thought it was just a good mother/daughter
bonding activity to do together,
but turns out - 
there are two Picasso's in the building! :)

If you haven't checked one of these Paint Nite's out yet,
seriously reconsider.


1. Simple + Fun.
These classes are run by artists.
The art is typically simple
and very easy to follow,
and its really about the creative process anyways.
Part of the fun is that you all start
with the same canvas and the same paints -
yet no two paintings turn out alike.
Its amazing to watch the creative process in action.

2. Cheap Entertainment.
These classes are very inexpensive,
and all the materials are provided for you...
smock, canvas, paints, lesson, etc.
Why not spend $30 to have a night out with a friend
or family member and just let loose?
After a long day of work,
painting has become an outlet for me.
It's a very mindless, relaxing thing to do. 
There is no art teacher scolding or critiquing your every 
move. There is no right or wrong technique.
You kind of just let the art happen. 
I like that kind of freedom.

Plus, you get to bring your work of art
home at the end of the night.
Everyone loves a souvenire.
Mom and I had fun stumbling through the streets
of NYC when we were done, 
a look of pride on our faces as we carried our artwork.
"I will take the highest bidder!" I said,
And if it sucks that bad,
regift it (ha ha) OR
give it to one of your parents...
You can do NO WRONG in their eyes, right?! ;)

3. Excuse to Drink.
And if all else fails,
its a perfect excuse to have a cocktail.
Paint Nites are usually held at bars or restaurants,
and hello - I don't know about you, 
but I get a heck of a lot more creative
 when I'm drinking on the job.
Mom and I sipped on 2 fabulous cocktails throughout
the painting session and by the time we were done,
we thought we were the most talented,
gifted artists this Upper West Side had ever seen!

Here is my painting of a canoe from that first
Paint Night in NYC:

I inspired myself so much,
that I decided to go home and try painting on my own.

I went to Michaels - grabbed a 5-pack of canvases, 
a few jars of acrylic paints, some paintbrushes,
and went home to look for photos that inspired me.

I fell in love with this one (top)
The photo below shows my attempt to recreate it (bottom).

Not terrible for a first attempt! :)

A few weeks later, I was feeling inspired again
and fell in love with this painting of a woman's dress.
Here is my second attempt to paint from home,
with no instruction.

Left is the original, Right is my Own.

I hope this inspires you to get out to a Paint Night
and let your creativity have its way with you.

Also - if you are local to Long Island,
check out Paint the Town studio
in Huntington, 
which offers similar classes! 

It really is A LOT of fun.


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