Monday, October 28, 2013

Read my lips[tick]: 50 Shades of #pink

I love pink,
and I love it even more on my lips.

I've tried every pink shade under the sun
in my 30+ years,
so I think its safe to say I hold
a Ph.D in Pink Lipstick-ology. 
Yes, consider me your pink lipstick/lipgloss
go-to girl.

If the shade exists,
it's probably made its way across
my lips at some point. 

You've asked me what I wear,
but in truth-
I can't seem to make up my pink.

These are my favorite shades of #pink.

50 shades of pink

Mac cosmetics lipstick

Mac cosmetics lipstick

Mac cosmetics makeup

Topshop pink lipstick

Pastel lipstick
$35 -

Nothing earth shattering here,
just some of my favorite bubblegum hues.

What's your favorite shade to rock?

Curious to know if you wear it year 'round,
or switch it up season to season...


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