Wednesday, October 30, 2013

current #obsessions: october

Happy Halloween!

In no particular order,
here are some of my latest infatuations & fixations.

1. Seriously crushing on these donuts by my
 favorite food blogger, Jessica from How Sweet It Is. OMG.

I still need a few more desserts to check off this list, so I'm happy to add these! 
Plus, it counts as a serving of vegetables, right? 

2. This adorable Marie Antoinette costume I'll be debuting on Halloween tomorrow! Where am I going? I have NO CLUE. This Halloween I'm winging it! 

3.  As you all know, I'm a I'm obsessed with these fabulous DIY notecards from Eat Drink Chic.  Check them out!  

4. I ran the Healdsburg Half Marathon in Napa Valley this past weekend, and I fell in love with this chocolate infused wine, called Chocolate Amore from Trentadue Winery.  
I've written about my chocolate wine obsession here prior,
 but here is another great port to add to your list! :)

5. I modeled at the 'A Night Out in Town' Fashion Show at Monsoon a few weeks ago and was honored to wear such a beautiful gown from Omnibus Boutique in Babylon Village. I mean, how gorgeous is this gown? #unreal.

Find it here.

Jovani. $790

6. I am crazy over anything peanut butter, so when I stumbled on this line of nut butters by Wild Friends, I almost lost it. Check out flavors like honey pretzel and sesame cranberry peanut butter OR vanilla espresso (holy hell!) and chocolate sunflower almond butter.  Ordered mine and they are already en route...

7. I know I sound like a broken record, but I am seriously in love with TruEnergy's earbuds. 
On runs, its so important to have music to keep motivated, and good quality earbuds go a long way! 
The line comes endorsed by fashionistas such as Giuliana Rancic 
and is equipped with Soundshare  technology
 in an array of gorgeous color combos. 
Now available online at TruEnergy and

8. If you're on Instagram and you like fitness, then at some point you've come across a recipe for Overnight Oats and been like "What the hell is that?" Yeah, I know. I am with you.
 No clue...until I did my research. Overnight oats is essentially cold oatmeal - by soaking it overnight with almond milk + other delicious dreamed up concoctions, you give it time to soften and moisten to the proper texture for eating. Its all ready for you the next morning. Super easy, super delicious. 
I whipped up my own batch of Carrot Cake with no recipe, but if you need some inspiration - check out this list from Buzzfeed. 

9. I recently did a Pin-Up Girl style Photoshoot via Pin-Up Girl Parties (awesome little vintage house!) and I am downright obsessed with the way some of the photos came out. Here are a few from my F.B album - very retro chic. 

10. Major sneaker crush on the new Nike Lunar Glide 5 Flashes. How sexy are these?
However, you won't find this combo on the website though - I made them custom. #sneakerswag

And there you have it.

See you all next month....

Have a great night.


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