Tuesday, September 10, 2013

From Rachel's Kitchen: Vanilla Berry Power Smoothie!

I've been putting in some heavy mileage for
my upcoming half marathon on Sept. 22nd,
 really trying to prep my body for the race
(I just got in from running 10 miles...
I want to die right now!)

Part of that equation means proper sleep,
adequate water intake, 
and eating clean - 
so I've been on a smoothie kick
which is an easy opportunity to pack 
lots of protein and nutrients 
in a mason jar (with a cute straw of course!)

I whipped this one up tonight 
with just some ingredients I had laying around
in my fridge...

Pretty tasty!

Try it out.

Vanilla Berry Power Smoothie:

+ 1 pkge. raspberries
+ 1 container blueberry Greek yogurt
(I love Chobani, but any kind is fine)
+ Chia seeds 
(you can buy these at any health food store,
I got mine from Trader Joe's)
+ Lowfat Milk (Cow or Almond)
+ 1 scoop Designer Whey 
French Vanilla protein powder
+ Ice

Blend all ingredients and enjoy! :)

I am a smoothie-aholic
(typically you will find they all have 
banana and peanut butter
 in some combination,
 because those are my two favorite ingredients)
so if you have any great recipes, 
I would love for you to share them
with me (& my readers!)

Leave a comment or use the 
Get in Contact form.

I also got a juicer for my birthday,
so I'm excited to whip that bad boy
out and start juicing as well.

Fruits & Veggies,
delicious & nutritious.


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