Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mom's Birthday - Cinco de Mom-o

It's no ordinary first of August,
its the birthday of our beautiful Mother - 
which calls for celebration!

My younger sister Ashlea & I 
planned a delicious Mexican fiesta,
calling it 'Cinco de Mom-o' -
yeah, that's right. 
We're into themes. And we're into birthdays.
Lets mash the two up...get this holiday started right.
Cinco de Mom-o!

Margaritas on a Thursday?
Why the heck not?!

First, we borrowed the cocktail recipe from one
of my favorite recipes blogs ever,
How Sweet It Is,
so you can find the 
recipe here

we whipped up some delicious 
guacamole to accompany said drinks.
We love us some avocados.
Plus, ummm - after the drinks I made
(I'm heavy handed with the Tequila -
Sorry I'm not Sorry)
we needed a little absorption.

Finally, we ended the meal with something a-m-a-z-i-n-g....
which you can find here.

Enter Food Coma.

All in all,
not a bad night to be the mother
of a good cook & bartender. 

We love you, Mom!

Hope you enjoyed...


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