Friday, August 9, 2013

Rachel's Makeup Bag: July Beauty Faves!

Hey little dolls,
this is July's edition of 
What's in my Makeup Bag.

I'm on a YSL binge of late,
so for the last month I've been shamelessly 
flirting with my new Yves Saint Laurent 
mascara and foundation, both worth the money! 
(You get what you pay for, ladies)

I also am a Benefit Brand Endorser
not only because they use really good ingredients
but as a marketer, I must confess- 
I love their packaging!
Who wants to purchase expensive makeup
that doesn't look cute on your bureau? 
Not me.
I promise you the Primer will look adorable.
And speaking of packaging,
check out the 'Too Faced Eye Palette' in Rebel.
Lots of fun colors,
I'm jussssstttt sayinnnn'.

Umm, the new Juicy Noir.
Someone call 9-1-1,
because this perfume is breaking hearts.

Since I'm a greaseball (the oil keeps this 30 year old
skin lookin' fresh as a daisy, so whatevvs!)
I was told to try Ben Nye Banana Powder
 and I love it.
It mattes your skin out and lasts all day.
Super luxurious and inexpensive.
Worth it, if those 
oil-blotting wipes can't keep up 
with your skin! :)

My lip faves this month are 
Big Lime Crime fan, so I just bought
Geradium, which is a pretty coral color 
that stays on forever. Perfect for summer nights.

The Baby Lips are just fun to own.
Love the containers, the colors/scents,
and they are easy to throw in your beach bag
 to protect those puckers from the summer sun.

And last but not least - my new favorite
lip plumper - Too Faced Lip Injection 
in 'Plump me up Pink'. 
It burns for a few minutes due to the Cayenne Pepper,
 but after you have the perfect bee-stung lips. 
Someone call the BeeKeeper because
 I've been stungggg! ;)

And in the toiletry department,
I can't get enough of Wella Brilliance,
which I just bought the huge salon sizes for from Ulta.
It smells like candy and I can't tell you how many
 people who get close enough to catch
 a whiff tell me how good my hair smells. 
Thanks?! Now back up.

And maybe we can blame this on my tea obsession,
but not only do I like to drink the stuff,
but I like to bathe in it and put it on
my face apparently too!
Try Laura Mercier's Tea & Honey milk bath,
and Fresh's Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask.
Yum. :)

Rachel's Makeup Bag: July

Yves saint laurent

Benefit makeup primer
$38 -

Fresh face mask

Laura mercier

Beauty product

Juicy Couture beauty product

Ben Nye

What are your beauty faves?

Anything good worth ranting over?
If so, leave it in the comments below.


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