Monday, August 5, 2013

Current #Obsessions - August

In no particular order,
here are some of my latest infatuations & fixations.

1. August always marks one of my favorite months not only because its the month of my birth, but also because its #sharkweek! So in honor of this occasion, I am throwing a Shark Week Party - complete with shark attacks (a deliciously bloody concoction), LandShark beer (of course) and some themed appetizers. Swim on over at your own risk! 

2. I love this dress by Nasty Gal which is now on sale for $29. Do it. 

3.  This article from Buzzfeed entitled "55 Toys & Games Thats Will Make 90's Girls Super Nostalgic" - Ummm - HOLY FLASHBACK. I owned at least 50% of these items - that makes me either a toy hoarder or my parents guilty of over indulging their children. Tomagotchi, Fashion Plates, Mall Madness, Pretty Pretty Princess, or Girl Talk Game anyone? OMG! Can't even deal with this list...

4.  Garcinia Cambogia. Look it up and buy it at your local Vitamin Shop. Belly fat buster for the ladies. You're welcome in advance. :)

5. This vintage rose ring and this vintage inspired floral headband from Love It So Much.  I guess I'm feeling kinda of romantical these days. =)

6. If you love your dog as much as I love Godiva, then you will enjoy this heartwarming video that was sent to me by a friend. God made a dog.

7. I am obsessed with rompers, especially those by Yumi Kim. I wish I could afford to buy all of them, but since I would be living outside in a cardboard box if I did that, a girl can dream. This 'pink feather' one is now back in stock! 

8. While shopping for the #perfect birthday dress over the weekend with a girlfriend, we wandered into Sephora - which is always a terrible idea. Especially if the two of us are together. Of course, I never leave there empty handed - thats a sin. So I left with this Too Faced Lip Injection Colorbomb in "Plump me up Pink" - which I am OBSESSED WITH! Other than the fact it stings your lips for a good solid 10 minutes due to the Cayenne Pepper ingredient which is supposed to give you the "perfect bee stung" looking lips, I really enjoy it! And it looks fabulous on. I was walking around my shift at Prime all Sunday saying "Someone call the beekeeper because my lips have been stunnnngggg!"  - I think I might have overdone it a bit. But c'mon, you gotta sell it! Find it here.

9. This DIY Bookends post - if you are as obsessed as I am with reading, you want your book display to look D@mn good. And plus, its crafty fun for a rainy day. Put it on your 'to do' list. This one is my favorite! P.S I just finished Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls and started Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. What are YOU reading?

How cute! You paint bricks to look like old books. I love it.

10. I love the LimeCrime lipstick collection - so I am happy to announce they have added to it! These lipsticks have lasting power and go on super matte, if you're into that sort of thing. Check out the line - which hosts some of my favorite pinks, including Geradium, Countessa, and Great Pink Planet! :)  The only down side, I believe its only available online. So if you skip 3 Starbucks lattes this week, thats kinda like free shipping, right?!


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