Friday, July 26, 2013

UPDATED: Rachel's Birthday Wishlist (No these are not jokes)

I am putting together a 
Birthday Wish List 
(of sorts) 
for the more budget conscious family and/or friends 
who opt not to just stuff my 30th birthday card
with 20's, 50's or 100's.

No, these are not jokes.
I'm offended you would even ask.

so I can make these or these!

2. Label Maker
(this one specifically with
this neon tape!)
for the Organizational Monster
in all of us.

What? I like salad!


You're right I don't eat the stuff,
but I can make this, ask my friend to eat it in front of me
and describe it for me.
Whats wrong with that?

5. Popsicle Molds
so I can make these.


Seriously in need of new ones that I haven't
bleached out with my pimple creams.
7. Perfume -
these two have been on my waiting list for forever.
Ok fine. Until yesterday's Sephora trip.
Juicy Viva Noir and Hot Couture

8. Juicer.
Nothing too fancy or expensive,
just something that liquidizes
fruits and veggies!


9. Dining Room Chairs
like these.

10. An adorable beverage dispenser,
just like this one
so I can make this watermelon lemonade! :)


This is a grown-up list.

I kinda like it...

30, here I come!

P.S Ok, I am adding this...because a girl can dream! :)

This or this.


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