Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rachel's Makeup Bag: June Beauty Faves!


Is it me or did we blink and June passed us by?

Maybe I was busy working. 
Or doing a fashion show.
Or meeting a Captain.
Or blogging about June #obsessions and my favorite makeup.
Or drinking some fancy coffee drink thats probably not in my budget --
whatever goes on in my life.

It just felt fast. 
And just like that, hello July.

Umm, maybe a little less rain?
Last time I checked, April Showers bring May Flowers
Not April Showers bring June Showers.
That's just a whole new level of cruel.

So July, clean up your act.
 We're all OVER YOU.

Rachel's Makeup Bag: June Edition

Mac cosmetic

Lip treatment

Beauty product

Givenchy Hot Couture

Essie Polish Summer Collection 2013 Naughty Nautical #837, .46 oz.

June's makeup bag is just some of my
favorite beauty pieces I've tried throughout the month
in my frequently rotating 
toiletry cabinet. 

Oh. Did I say cabinet?
I mean CLOSET. 
Exploding closet to be exact.
As in, open it at your own risk
WARNING: Falling objects.

From left to right (clockwise): 

1. Essie: Naughty Nautical is a great color for the summer. The teal'ish aqua goes with pretty much any tan and its a fun, flirty color you can easily get away with in July. Go bright over the summer - nudes and darks are for fall/winter. Skip the French or 'Ballet Slippers' and live on the wild side. Plus, for some reason - I am feeling very naughty nautical these days. Ehh hem, all aboard! ;)

2.  TokyoMilk Dark: Feeme Fatale Lip Elixers are amazing and smell delicious. A sweet treat for the lips that hydrate and nourish, when the sun is constantly burning them and trying to dry them out.  Available at Sephora.  Go romantic with La Vie en Rose No. 42, Rosewater, Sweet Orange, Peach, Tahitian Vanilla, or sultry with Coco Noir No. 60 - Dark Rum, Maraschino Cherry, Sweet Milk, and Cacao Bean. Try my favorite: Clove Cigarette No. 18 - Crushed Clove, Lavender Rose, Saigon Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean. Ahhh, reminds me of my clove smoking days in college, but a much healthier habit.

3. MAC Cosmetics Creme Blend Blush in So Sweet So Easy. This blush is the best - it goes on smooth and blends into the skin like a lotion, so it doesn't sit on "top" of the skin like normal blush, which looks like makeup. This gives you a rosy glow without overdoing it. Its summer, less is more. 

4. Hot Couture is my favorite perfume. Its dripping of sex appeal and I wouldn't be surprised if when you wear it, you pick up a few stage 5 clingers at the lounge. Wear it with caution. It has magical powers. ;)

5. Benefits 'I Can't Believe They're Real' Mascara - I've searched near and far. Hands down, still the best mascara on the market. And well worth the price. My lashes are pretty long, so this mascara spoils me and makes it look like I'm wearing fake lashes, but if you have sparse/short eyelashes...girl, you're in for a treat. Worth the $$$, 100%.

6. Benefit's Bathina 'Take a Picture it Lasts Longer' Body Balm. This is a luxurious body balm that leaves your skin soft and moisturized with a soft feminine scent and a seductive golden pink sheen. Skip the perfume when you head to the beach and opt for this instead - its perfection in a body balm. I just love it and I've worn it for years. Bonus: The tin it comes in is adorable. I'm a sucker for pretty toiletries, so this case has me sold. 

7. True Blue Spa: Malibu Beach Pedicure Foot Cream is a must have if you work long hours on your feet. After a 10-12 hour shift at Prime, I crawl into bed - massage this into my feet, and hit the sheets. It keeps my paws soft and is the perfect treat after a long day on your feet. Meowww.

8. Conair Big Waves - the secret to gorgeous Victoria Secret Supermodel waves. I'll never use anything else again. 15 minutes with this styling tool, a little bit of hair spray, finger through the waves and your hair is showstopper material. The best!!!

9. Nexxus Pro-Mend Line: Split End Repair smells insanely delicious, which I know shouldn't weigh into my decision to use it too heavily, but IT DOES! :) It helps fight split ends, repairs dry hair, is safe for color-treated hair, and ummm - did I mention is smells unbelievable? Oh yeah, I said that. Find the shampoo and conditioner combo and buy it A.S.A.P.

10. CoverGirl Stay Fabulous Foundation: I know, its CoverGirl! But I have to give credit where credit is due and I've paid upwards of $40 for designer foundations that aren't half as good. This foundation is light, so you don't look like a wax figurine or cakey. Yuck! Its a 3 in 1 formula so you have a primer, sunscreen, and foundation all in one - no need to pile on multiple layers.  I love the coverage and I don't need to reapply throughout the day - just once in the morning (sealed with a finishing powder) and you are good to go. I used to use Revlon Colorstay, but this has definitely replaced it! And the title of it 'Stay Fabulous' - who doesn't love a beauty product dripping with ego boosters?

11. L'Oreal Sublime Self-Tanning Bronzer: I like this one best. For now. My problem with self tanners is that they either smell like crap or they leave you looking like a ridiculous Jersey Shore crackhead. I don't want to look orange or dry streaky OR smell WEIRD when I use one  - is that so much to ask for? Sublime is the best one I've found thus far - I exfoliate, put it on after the shower right before bed, walk around naked for 10 minutes while it dries (curtains closed!), and shower in the morning. Make sure you get the right color and I cannot stress enough that you need to exfoliate FIRST to make sure you start with an even base. Don't try the wipes - much harder to control streaking (you won't know 'till you wake up - take my word from first hand experience!) I do not recommend them. This gives you the perfect summer tan without frying your body in the sun. Still enjoy the sun, but head to the beach with your homemade tan INTACT and opt for a SPF 8-15 (minimum) to preserve that gorgeous skin. Happy Sunbathing! 

What are YOUR favorite beauty products?


UP NEXT: Summer Entertaining

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