Saturday, June 22, 2013

Current #Obsessions

In no particular order,
here are some of my latest infatuations & fixations. 

1.  When I have the proper resources and funding, this is what my next tea party will look like: Lovely Lady Lunch. Who are these girls? We should be friends!

2. I don't know the technology behind this, but somehow - it just works. Yes, Watermelon Oreos. You probably are gagging in your mouth, so its one of those things you probably won't take my word on and just need to try for yourself.  Its summer for crying out loud - say YES to EVERYTHING watermelon. Ummm and if not for a super controversial Oreo flavor, for the health benefits. Hel-lo......watermelon is a fruit! Oh, and I heard they use organic watermelons. Ok fine, that's a lie. 

3. Loving Betsey Johnson bathing suits, especially this one I wore in a recent fashion show and this one. Its like a mix of swimwear + lingerie, and c'mon, who doesn't love that?

4. Oh, look! Someone documented one of my trips to Sephora. Thanks for capturing the magic!

5. Addicted to Polar's Limited-Edition Summer Collection of flavors. Summer is now being served! My favorites are definitely Pina Colada and Cucumber Melon. Wasn't feeling the Ginger Lemonade, tasted to me what the yellow Windex Multi-Surface cleaner smells like (and I imagine would taste like). 

6. Still riding this  & this music wave. Haven't gotten sick of or played out either just yet. But I'm getting close...

7.  I mean, seriously? Stop it right now! If Disney Princesses were Burlesque Showgirls. Hold it, wait. I am channeling my next Halloween costume.

8. I am making this sangria for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade tomorrow. I love grapefruit + seltzer, so what could be bad about this? Except I am not calling it Sparkling Grapefruit Sangria, its now been renamed "Mermaid Punch", respectively.

9. I've been vibin' to this new John Mayer song - its the perfect summer beachy tune, even making my June Faves list. Windows down, breezy ride to the beach. And this rumor has me all a-buzz too, especially because "Dear John" was such a good dig. Regardless, I don't have time for the Mayer/Swift Shenanigans. You don't have to force my hand, I'm a fan of the song.

10. This birthday cake. Can cakes get anymore fabulous? I don't even want to eat it.... I want to stare at it and then encapsulate it in wax. For forever. I am turning 30 this August. I like this cake a lot. Just throwing it out there. ;)

What are you loving of late?


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