Monday, March 18, 2013

Rach's 'Ooh La La' Faves : Peach & Teal, Polka & Floral

These are a few of my favorite things.

Despite the snow, I am feeling this light and airy springy feeling
that always comes around this time of year.

We're all ready to get out of the house,
put away our winter wardrobes and make the inevitable 
switch over to summer clothes,
and journey outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine!
I hate it, but I love it.
Love my summer selection, HATE lugging out boxes
and rearranging my closet.
It makes me twitch.

Back to the spring wardrobe and sunshine...
Vitamin D - YES!

So I found myself purusing the racks of Ooh La La on Sunday
(because it was 25% off anything 'Green' for St. Patty's Day)
which I shouldn't have been doing in my condition
(never leave me in Ooh La La on a Sangria buzz  - BAD IDEA!)
and they have a gorgeous new spring collection out.

I tried on a TON of stuff because window shopping is no fun,
you have to TRY IT ON and at least pretend you can AFFORD it ;)

So as I am browsing through all these pastel colors
 they have out for spring,
I realized a teal and peach theme emerging 
in the things I had draped all over my dressing room.
What a great color combo for spring!

So - few things:

#1. I am loving teals and peach this April/May! 
They are great colors for spring and if you can find them together,
even better! :)
I left with the floral mini skirt marked "Rachy's Pick"(below) -
which encompasses the two colors
and the girls at my Babylon Ooh La La were even kind
enough to consider teal in the "mint green" palette,
which was a far stretch, but they gave me the 25% off
discount for St. Patricks Day!
(You girls rock!) 

#2. I also noticed lots of polka dot and floral patterns.
Florals are a must for spring and come in so many styles,
from vintage (as you'll see below) 
to punk chic (this is Betsey Johnson's M.O)
And polka dots are just classic - 
you can mix and match and do so much with them.
I love love loved the sheer blouse in teal with peach polka dots
I tried on Sunday afternoon (see below).

#3. Ooh La La is one of the cutest boutiques.
They have several locations (all over Long Island)
and are definitely worth checking out! 
I never leave that store empty-handed --
I promise you, there is something for everyone.
(I do my part. I support Ooh La La weekly.)

You can find my picks below...

Rach's Faves: 




Love this skirt - bought it this weekend! :)




Pretty AND functional.
Best of both worlds! :)

Just for fun! 
We can all use a geisha in our lives.
And on our makeup case! ;)

Happy Spring Shopping!


P.S Shhhh! I'll let you in on a little secret...
this coming Sunday, March 24th
Ooh La La will be having a
50% off the ENTIRE store
from 6-7am ONLY.

I won't be here.
Thank goodness for that!

Feel free to share your own spring flings
and favorite items in the comments below! :)



  1. #1 Rachy's Pick look amazingly like your background flowers in the blog... Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences...

    #2 That skirt is classy hot, PHAT and crazy sexy cool all in one!

    #3 Doesn't your blog include 360 degree pics of the Rachy's pick selections? I bet that skirt looks better going than coming! Ummm... Especially on a glossy screen!

    PEACE out...


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