Saturday, March 16, 2013

Etsy for Kitchens

The worst thing for a crafter to discover is Etsy.
It's a nightmare, I'm telling you.
(Worse than Pinterest is for dreamers
-if you can imagine-
because that's what those boards are for...
I'm not hating - I'm in THAT group:
with Pinterest board titles like,
"My bucket list"
"Places I want to travel" (Fiji and Bali are on there!)
"My future home" (with pictures from
home interior design magazines, HA!)
But if you're the creative, crafty type
and Pinterest hasn't been your downfall,
Etsy might be your undoing.

So I am doing an Etsy drive-by
through some of my favorited "stores" on there
and I keep coming back to this one store,
called Freshline.
I like a lot of the owner's graphic designs,
but this one set of adorable kitchen graphics
that would fit perfectly in with my
lime green color scheme
have my attention.

I was going to buy them around the holidays when
the $99 set was on sale for 40% off,
but felt guilty every time I glanced down at my 
un-shoppped for Christmas list and was like
mmm, these can wait I guess.

Now they are back full price,
but I am still thinking about them months later,
which means only one thing.
We're meant to be together.

What do you think?

When I contacted the shop owner,
I told her my kitchen didn't have the baby blue
and asked if we could switch that color out
for some alternate greens and she said no problem.

These would be awfully springy,
don't you think?

I think the 8X10's might be a bit too big,
so I was thinking about going with the 
5 X 5 or 8 X 8 squares.
My only concern is that I won't be able
to find frames for that odd shape.
[I  usually go to Christmas Tree Shop for them - 
they have beautiful shades for a bargain] 

Hmmm, decisions...decisions.
They are the questions that keep me up at night [!] ;)

Sweet dreams, my loves.



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