Friday, March 8, 2013

Quote of the Day: 3.8.13

Some quotes need no introduction.
This one falls in that category! 

I don't have a huge budget these days,
yet I always feel like I'm working...
I'm not sure where my money goes. :/

Actually...I know EXACTLY where it goes.
Out the window.

Hello, rent.
Hello, utilities.
Hello, car insurance.
Hello, ridiculously-absurd-student-loan-for-an 
M.S. Edu -I'm-currently- not -using -but
-looks -awfully -eloquent -hanging- on -my- office -wall.
Hello, traveling the world.

Goodbye paycheck! =)

I will say this (on my behalf)
I have S-T-Y-L-E
and this girl can dress.
[In fact, my eyes just glazed over
when I said that to myself].
As the risk of sounding self-indulgent,
it's been said I can dress up a paper bag.
THEIR words. Not mine!

So when I do splurge,
I like to buy clothes (sue me!)
And because I haven't changed
all that much over the years - 
(no kids yet, those hips WILL expand)
I've got QUITE the collection.

I don't need to do the whole designer thing...
it's not that I don't like designers,  I do -
but I'm just not a label hound 
(ha ha, you thought I was going to use another word!)
and I much prefer a tucked-away
charming little boutique
that has just a few of ONE thing
versus a designer who carries
this piece you've fallen in love with EVERYWHERE.

My favorite boutique in the city
that I frequent often
is Coup De Coer
(well thats just GREAT,
now I've given away all my secrets!)
and its a hidden gem to be sure.
I get all my little pieces there -
I've bought rompers,
I've bought heels,
I've bought beautiful blazers,
I've bought formal wear,
I've bought jewelry,
I've bought sundresses.

Call it fashion maturity
or wardrobe investments
but I'd rather purchase a few nicer things 
(far and few in between)
that clean nicely and can withstand dry-cleaning
than a zillion garments that can't make
it past the wash cycle.
Quality vs. Quantity.

Either that, or I'm lying to myself
and my closet is just too chock full
to make room for new friends.

Either way,
if you're wondering,
this is where my [very little] spending
money goes these days.
It's not that I don't like a nice martini
at the bar on a weekend night,
but I'd much rather stare into
my beautiful closet
and just 'oooh' and 'ahhh'.
If you ever see me destitute on the streets,
I'm pretty sure you can
pack up my cardboard box,
sell a few of my things,
and I'll be right back on my feet.



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