Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy International Barbie Day!

Ha, ha.
Ridiculous, I know.
But seriously, how fun is it
 to celebrate days that aren't 
so DANG serious?
(Yes, I said dang.
I realize it - it's out there,
lets just accept and move on)
I'm talking to you
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Veterans Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day.
(I'm just kidding, relax).
But International Barbie Day.
Now that's just pure refreshing.
Good, clean fun!

For example,
I just so happened to stumble upon
'International Kissing Day'
last summer and
didn't let ANYONE forget
the momentous occasion
during my entire waitress shift at Prime.
I blew kisses.
I left 'smooch' prints on my checks
in my signature hot pink lipstick.
There was even a table of couples 
out on a double date that
I coerced into having a 'kissing' competition.
What can I say? I'm festive.
I like to celebrate!
[This is a true story,
you can't make this stuff up!]

So in case you're wondering,
"Why the heck does this lunatic
know it's International Barbie Day" -
I am keeping track of all 
my favorite days
with this cool little website.

So anyways,

So she hasn't exactly been the perfect 
role model to young girls over the years.
Oh big deal.
Neither has Miley Cyrus
or Britney Spears
and they are still around! ;)

She's a friggin' doll.
We manufactured her in the absurd proportions she is in...
Blame Mattel and their wild imaginations!

Plus, think of Barbie as cultured.
She's gone international.
The girl has history!
"Eleven inches tall, with a waterfall of blond hair, Barbie was the first mass-produced toy doll in the United States with adult features. The woman behind Barbie was Ruth Handler, who co-founded Mattel, Inc. with her husband in 1945. After seeing her young daughter ignore her baby dolls to play make-believe with paper dolls of adult women, Handler realized there was an important niche in the market for a toy that allowed little girls to imagine the future.  
 Over the years, Barbie generated huge sales--and a lot of controversy. On the positive side, many women saw Barbie as providing an alternative to traditional 1950s gender roles. She has had a series of different jobs, from airline stewardess, doctor, pilot and astronaut to Olympic athlete and even U.S. presidential candidate. Others thought Barbie's never-ending supply of designer outfits, cars and "Dream Houses" encouraged kids to be materialistic.
It was Barbie's appearance that caused the most controversy, however. Her tiny waist and enormous breasts--it was estimated that if she were a real woman, her measurements would be 36-18-38--led many to claim that Barbie provided little girls with an unrealistic and harmful example and fostered negative body image. 
Despite the criticism, sales of Barbie-related merchandise continued to soar, topping 1 billion dollars annually by 1993. Since 1959, more than 800 million dolls in the Barbie family have been sold around the world and Barbie is now a bona fide global icon."

Umm, did you hear that?
She is a global ICON.
How many other dolls can say that 
or have celebrities trying to 
impersonate them?
Honestly! LOL

So, I say ...

I kind of envy her.
1) She is timeless. She even got to star in the new
Toy Story III movie

2) Her boyfriend is a hunk!
But I'm a little bias about the name Ken...
it's my Dad and brother's name!

3) Her shoe collection is unrivaled.


P.S Hey, by the way -
if you look at this pic from a certain angle....mmm, nevermind! ;)

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