Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quote of the Day: 3.7.13

I just love this quote.

It's not particularly deep or anything profound -
and yet,
we can all identify with it
because somewhere along
the line -
someone has told us 'no'
or didn't believe in us,
or we faced a setback
that made a task or goal 
seem impossible.

Well I can't stand naysayers.
They annoy me.
As far as I'm concerned
the only person who can stand in my way
is myself.

Quick anecdote before I head to bed...

Almost 3 years ago someone challenged
me to run a half marathon. 
I wasn't a runner.
I didn't have a history of running -
no track in high school or anything
and I certainly don't come from 
a long line of runners -'s not in my blood.

I'm 5'
I have no legs!

I laughed at the idea 
because (to me) it seemed impossible.
I couldn't even get through a mile...
how in the world am I going to get through
13 of them without dying
before I reach the finish line.

But you know what?
I trained.
I trained harder than I've ever trained
for anything in my life.
It wasn't just the challenge
(although I'm super competitive
and love the thrill of one)
that put some fire behind my ass
(excuse my French)
...It was the feeling that the person
didn't think I could do it--
and I wanted to prove them wrong.

That was (almost) 4 half marathon's ago
and I still live to tell the tale.
I can still remember crossing the finish 
line of my first one 
(I'm tearing up as I write this)
-that incredible moment -
where I didn't necessarily prove everyone wrong...
I just proved myself right.

I hope this inspires SOMEONE.

Thanks for listening...

Ok off to bed with some tea and a good book...
I'm reading the classic
'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'
and liking it so far
(Have you read it?)


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  1. You go girl.

    You did it. Then. And just now.



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