Monday, April 23, 2012

Like taking candy from a baby...

That's how I usually describe my trips to
because I usually walk out of that
store with them OWING me money!

Ok, maybe thats a tad exaggerated,
but on Saturday morning's trip there with Karli
to just "browse around"
(seriously, we are SO in denial)
we left with lots of goodies, for very little money.

Because of the insane promotions they had running in store
(always check the website, they usually aren't the same)
I decided to share my shopping cart
because I have a pretty good nose 
for delicious scented items
and you probably want to hop on this sale as well...:)

Promo $4 for $15
(I believe the website does even better with $5 for $15 right now)
I really like their soaps, so I always stock up...
This time around I went with:
Fresh Picked Pears

Vanilla Berry Sorbet

Cilantro Peach
Raspberry Pink Peony

$2 for $20 (regularly $20 each)
Buy 1, Get 1.
Their candles are awesome -
the 3 wicks burn slow and easy
and the scents are strong enough to fill your entire home!

They have a ZILLION scents out right now for Spring,
 but I went with Blackberry Grapefruit (sweet, but tart)
and Summer Boardwalk (limited edition) 
which just smells like Summer Fun (think Sweet, but Light... 
 think Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and Sunshine equally mixed)
Black Berry Grapefuit
Summer Boardwalk

Buy 3, Get 3 FREE.
(Are they serious with that deal?)

So I went with 3 items from their new Spring Collection
"Wild Berry Tulip"
(Hello Mother's Day gift) for my mom:

Wild Berry Tulip Glowing Body Scrub
WIld Berry Tulips Triple Body Cream

Wild Berry Tulips Shower Gel

And 3 items for myself..
you can't feel guilty about them if they are free right? ;)
I went with one item from their Spring collection
Wild Apple Daffodil Glowing Body Scrub
and 2 from my favorite line of theirs - Dark Kiss.
Dark Kiss Triple Moisture Lotion

Dark Kiss Creamy Body Wash

Oh, BTW - Did I mention I had a $10 OFF $30 coupon?
So I simply divided my order in half so I could get $10 off each transaction.
I am SO my mother's daughter.
Hope you get what's on YOUR wishlist!
Feel free to share your favorite items here so
others can enjoy great finds!

Happy Spring!


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