Monday, April 23, 2012

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How to Have a Little Black Dress Party

The little black dress first came into fashion thanks to Coco Chanel. It provides versatility while hiding flaws. It also creates a long, beautiful silhouette on any woman who wears it. Little black dress parties are usually quite popular, as they give women a chance to feel beautiful while having fun with the girls. More than likely, your little black dress party will have a big turn out. However, for it to be a sensational event, you need to really think outside the box. Keep a party attitude in mind as you plan for your big event.Does this Spark an idea?


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      Set a location and time for your little black dress party. You can begin at your home, then move it out on the town. Or, you can pick one club and throw the party there. The best little black dress party will have a dance floor, a D.J. and a wet bar.
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      Send out invitations. If you're a club owner, post fliers and advertise locally. Or, you can send special invitations to women who frequent your club. If it's your own personal party, use either an online or local source to find the perfect invitations. You want to use black, hot pink, red or sizzling yellow on your invitations. Choose a stylish design that appeals to you.
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      Hold drawings during the little black dress parties. If you are a club owner, give away gifts like designer handbags, high heeled shoes and pink iPhones. If this is a bit to pricey for your home party budget, give away bath sets, day spa gift cards and gift baskets.
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      Decorate your party location using unique items. A martini ice sculpture, high heeled footprints along the floor and glittery balloons create an entertaining atmosphere. Of course, you can also use common decorations like streamers, confetti and banners to set the party mood.
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      Serve refreshments. The food should be elegant, yet fun, to fit in with the theme of your little black dress event. Think shrimp cocktail, miniature quiches and cocktail weenies. Consider having it catered if you want to be free to dance and talk with your friends.
      Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.

      See you all there.

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