Thursday, April 26, 2012

Italian Sodas :)

Hi :)
You're gonna love this.
I love Italian sodas...they are delicious, super easy to make, 
and sky is the limit as far as what kind of flavors you can serve! 
During my school days (ha ha, back when I was a young girl!) 
my mom and I loved to stop by the Babylon Bean after school, 
hang out while I did my homework, and order an Italian soda.
 It was a refreshing treat - especially when the weather got warm. 
Anyways-  I came across this recipe on Sugar and Charm 
blog and wanted to share it :) 
Feel free to use any Torani syrup mixed with club soda
 (or selzer, same thing!) and a splash of half/half (or cream!) 
or for something new, try out the delicious recipes 
below to make homemade blueberry or strawberry syrup...MMM.
 Hope you incorporate them into some outdoor fun
 now that the weather is starting to warm up - 
they are a crowd pleaser! =) 

Homemade syrups
Club soda and cream 
Before and after you stir ;) 


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