Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Entertaining

I love hosting, in fact - it may just be my favorite thing to do.
I've always dreamed of owning a home large enough
 to throw fabulous dinner parties,
and this blog Sugar and Charm 
gives me plenty of inspiration for just what
 those parties will look like!

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summer entertaining

What a perfect way to entertain your friends and family this summer! The very talented Heather Bullard styled and photographed this lovely outside dinner party. All of the details are simply gorgeous and that lavender bundt cake looks delicious! You don't have to have a large yard to set up a picture-perfect table like this. A small backyard would be just as nice. Also, fresh flowers, beautiful table linens and good chairs are a must for creating a classy dinner table. It's the special touches that will set your dinner party apart from others :)

For more hostessing ideas, check out these websites and blogs:

Happy Hostessing! :)


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