Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I wish I may, I wish I might - have the wishpot I wish tonight!

I am loving Wishpot ( these days :)
It's like 'when you wish upon a star', but better because you're not wishing on stars.
You're wishing on items. Things that YOU want.

Its basically a treasure trove of items  - a gift registry of sorts.
If you are getting married, having a baby, creating a list of Christmas gifts,
or just shopping online (like me!)
you can pull items from all over the internet into a list.

It's so much easier to compile just ONE list than to write yourself little to-do lists (I find post-it notes all over my apartment of things I need) which can get misplaced, lost, or gosh forbid- you just forget to write them down
 (as you step into the shower: "Darn it! I needed new razors!)
So annoying! 

Use it for needs. Use it for wants...
(and I confess, my list is all wants - a pretty little collection I can't afford at the moment)
Use it however you like.
Its fun - and when you add their button "Add to Wishpot" by following the instructions on the site -
Voila! don't even need to add items manually by copying and pasting the web address, you can click the 'add to wishpot' button and the work is done for you!

Try it....
just passing on some advice from one shopaholic to another :)

It makes shopping online easy, navigable, and highly addicting!

Check it out:

My Wishlist:


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