Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Next on the Bachelorette...

So I was watching the Bachelor last night - by DVR- the only way to watch it because I hate 2 hrs. worth of commercials, and I must have walked away and slipped up because I caught the tail end of one announcing....

EMILY MAYNARD will be the next Bachelorette.

Seriously? Major girl crush on her.

I only began watching about 2 seasons ago when Brad Womack began his search for love for the second time. He had been on the Bachelor before (Season 11, if I googled correctly) and left two women at the last rose ceremony - without a rose...without a proposal.

Heartless? Callous? Insensitive?

Maybe he was just being honest with himself and just didn't see himself spending the rest of his life with these women, who the heck knows!  

In any case, he got a second chance on Season 15 of the Bachelor  (in which he promised to be more open and vulnerable this time around) which is right around the time I began watching and I was really drawn to this beautiful blonde, Emily Maynard.

She was so soft-spoken, sweet, sincere, and down to earth.
I knew from the very first episode of that season - this is the girl. I said it out loud "She is going to win. Hands down. I don't even know why we need to watch the rest of the season. She is the winner."

And she was...
She was beautiful. She was smart. She was kind. 
She was the WHOLE package.

Last night, while watching the Bachelor and hearing Emily would be the next Bachelorette- 
I got so excited I started jumping up and down in my Victoria Secret p.j flannels. 
I loved, loved, LOVED Emily on the show..
but wait, that means her and Brad had called off the engagement.
What happened?! - I wondered.

So I paused the show  (yes! Love my DVR!) and ran into my office to google 
Emily Maynard's name to get the facts straight.
I came across this clip and you can see how heartbroken and torn she is over the failure of something she thought was so real, so true, so everlasting.

Honestly - it was hard to watch this because of what I am going through right now.
(Fwd: 6:00)
How you can see things going one way and trust in the security of the love you feel
and how it can all just be taken away.

I'll never understand how that happens.

I don't think I want to...I am a hopeless romantic who still trusts, believes, and values the sanctity of love.

I hope you find it Emily Maynard.
I truly do.

I'll be watching.
Get em girl....


P.S  Last night's episode closed with the following quote:

"Love is a huge risk.
But you have to take risks to find forever."

-Ben, The Bachelor


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