Monday, February 6, 2012

Carnival of Colors - Poetry from Yours Truly

Carnival of Colors
Summer brings the promise of freedom as gardens thrive, days lengthen, the sun warms the earth And a carnival of colorsblossom from the world right before our very eyes.
During those summers, I remember the red syrupy remnants of watermelon Italian ices sticky in the crevice of my mouth. Those were the days I would be homework- free. Free.

I remember the yellow glow of my flashlight as I stayed up way past ‘lights out’ time reading wonderful stories under the covers. Those were the days I would be bedtime-free. Free.

I remember the days I would kick back On the beach with my trusty blue pail making endless sandcastles for unknown sand heir and heiresses. Those were the days I would be care-free. Free.

I remember the days I marched through the lime green grass of my own yard Imagining myself an adventurer in unchartered territory mapping out hidden treasures in my own backyard. Those are the days I would be brave, so fear-free. Free.

I remember the orange glow of fireflies As I caught them in the baseball field across the street from me and carefully placed them in a jar for easy viewing. Those are the days I would be free- falling. Free.

I remember the violet stains on The tongues of my little sister and I as we went to town on pixie sticks and fun dip candy from the ice cream truck. Those are the days we were vain free. Free.

And now that I am a big girl Those carnival of colors have not faded But been warmly tucked into a pocket of memory for safekeeping. You see, the grand thing about colors--- Is that they never go away. They simply transpire into new shapes And forms as you grow old.


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