Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where are all my knitters out there?

This is my typical rainy day schedule.
You ready? Tea. A cozy blanket. Knitting. I refer to any act of using needles as knitting, but in actuality I only know how to crochet. I've made a few scarfs and I have been working on a hugggggge blanket that has yet to be finished (it really is enormous, hence why its taken so long) but I'm happy to report I'm almost done! After taking up crocheting, it quickly became a new hobby of mine. I use it as a form of relaxation to unwind after a long day as well as a creative outlet. I love how you can personalize each piece you make: choosing the type of yarn, the size needles, the colors, and form (scarf, mittens, blankets, runner, etc). Like any craft, I am always looking to learn new stiches and perfect my technique. Post taking up this new hobby, I was browsing Barnes & Noble with my mom when we stumbled on a book with brightly colored yarn on its cover which immediately struck my eye given my recent obsession with crochet. It was on the bestseller wall and it was called "The Friday Night Knitting Club". I had to have it. The book centers around a knitting club, but really focuses on the friendship and bonds the women form there as its main thread. Its a cute story and honestly I'm just a sucker for a nice cover, but I really embraced the whole concept of girlfriends getting together to knit. I really want to form my very OWN rendition of the Friday Night Knitting Club, but I feel like most 26 yrs old are way too fabulous to give a Friday night up to sit in knitting. I am interested to learn however, would you give up a Sunday night to join your girlfriends for some knitting fun? The Dollhouse Knitting Club: I propose to meet once a week - either one night during the week OR on a Sunday evening for 2 hrs. We can meet at the Dollhouse (my little apartment in West Islip) and switch it up every week or just have it here- whatever is easiest. We would bring our own supplies and just enjoy knitting together and just sharing tips, pooling ideas, helping eachother etc. We only need a few girls to get this started, so please email me @ if you are interested. I just need your name, availability, and location preference. Refreshments will be served - we can do wine/cheese, martinis/aptz or tea/crumbcake type thing. I'm open to ideas :) If anyone is interested in taking a class with me, this is another option.
'The Village Knitter" in Babylon Village has begginner courses and its a cute little shop. Here is the info: Wed. Feb 24 10-12:30 Wed. March 3 10-12:30 Learn to Knit! (for absolute beginners and those whose skills may be rusty). In this two-session class, you will learn the foundations of all knitting. The first week will cover the cast on and the knit stitch. In the second week you will learn the purl stitch and to bind off - completing the Beginning Knitting sequence! $50/session Wed. February 24 & Wed. March 3 10:00-12:30

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