Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sweet Bitch Merlot

I love wine! John loves red wine and I love the sweeter whites (wines like Mascoto and Riesling )- so this wine was a nice compromise between his tastes and mine. Sweet Bitch Merlot is a sweet red wine, but its still full bodied. "This merlot has a little sweetness that rounds out the taste and brings out the blackberry, raspberry, and vanilla flavors that you can enjoy all year long. This merlot has a full body and can be enjoyed on the rocks or can be chilled, once you taste it you will never go back to those old world merlots." We have been trying to enjoy a bottle of wine together atleast once a week - either with dinner or during leisure time. It's nice to enjoy a glass while we watch one of our shows or read in bed together. Its really good for you and since I'm Italian, its embedded in my DNA! This is our most recent finding at "Union Wine & Liquor" - which has become our favorite new spot to scope out wine. JV Wines "Sweet Bitch" is manufactured in Chile and other varieties of "Sweet Bitch" include Shiraz, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. You guessed it. Its on Union Blvd right next to the new Stop & Shop. It comes highly recommended! Mmm, drink up friends! Here is the link:

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