Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year, New Look - Urban Wall Decals

With the New Year, I am sure we are all in need of a new look.
I'm not talking about a makeover for you
(can you really fix perfection? ha ha!)
I'm talking about a makeover for yourrrrr home.

My home is something I'm constantly updating
and for me - its an ever evolving 'work in progress'.

Our home is our refuge.
We want it to be a place of comfort,
and one that has an instant calming effect on us 
the moment we step in the door from a long day at the office.

We want it to not only be a place of solace,
but also a reflection of our personal style.

There are so many ways to 'dress up' a room -
from accent pieces like pillows or lamps
to the walls themselves.

And that is where I chose to start 
the redecorating of my 'office'.
The walls.

In the past, I worked from home and I used 
the small second bedroom within my apartment as a home office.
No longer needed for this purpose,
I decided it was time for a much needed update of this room.
I sold the couch formerly housed in there
and gave the desk away. 
I took down some of the outdated picture frames
on the wall that were no longer my style.
After "stripping" the office of its former style,
I decided to start with the walls.

I still liked the color on the walls,
 a beige-y pink called 'shabby chic'
that gave an otherwise uninteresting, tiny room a little personality.
Beyond that though, I felt stuck.
What else could I do in there to "dress it up" a bit 
before picking out some new furniture and accent pieces?

I found a company called Urban Walls 
and had to share it with you because I think its a great
way to update, reinvent, or spruce up a room.

At the start of the year, I feel like you might be there too.
Are you feeling that stateless in a particular room?
Maybe you too want to take this opportunity
for a much needed update on a room in your home.

Some looks from Urban Walls via Pinterest:

These are just some of the more girly looks I loved,
but they have TONS of stuff to choose from!

Find the full array of Urban Wall offerings here.

Find Urban Wall inspiration on Pinterest here.

Purchase Urban Wall designs on Etsy here.

P.S Stay tuned for an update of my fabulous "new" office.
I'll be debuting what I did with my own Urban Wall decor purchase very shortly! :)


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