Saturday, August 2, 2014

Juicing - 3 ways, Part 1

Hey guys,

Was in the kitchen doing a little juicing today
and thought I would share some of my 
juicing recipes with you all.

I use a Jack LaLanne Juicer Express
which you can buy online or find at
Bed Bath & Beyond for like $100!

I've been using this juicer for about a year
and I really like the model.
It's really easy to pull apart and put back together
and the quality of the juice it yields
is excellent.

Juicing should be fun!

Don't be held down by juicing recipe books
or overthink it.
Use them as a springboard for inspiration,
and drink what you love.

Love blueberries? Great, throw em in.
Have a sweet spot for honeydew melon? Perfect. Juice it.
Craving strawberries? Terrific, add it to the mix.

Just get as much fruits and veggies in you as possible,
thats the goal.



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