Sunday, February 9, 2014

From Rachel's Kitchen: Pecan Pie Martini

It's snowing outside (again)
and so I think that calls for a boozy cocktail
dripping in coziness. 
I bought a sample sized bottle of Pecan Pie vodka
back around the holidays
and I've been waiting for the perfect 
opportunity to whip it up into
something delicious! 

I think a cold, snowy night
calls for a Pecan Pie martini...
Don't you!?

Either way, Godiva and I
vote yes.
You've been outnumbered.

Pecan Pie Martini

pinacle pecan pie vodka 
(yes. it exists)
maple syrup
vanilla extract
brown sugar
crushed pecans
half & half

1. Start by making your brown sugar simple syrup.
Half a cup of water, half a cup of brown sugar.
Bring to a boil, set aside.
2. Build your martini in a shaker
 filled to the top with ice.
3. Add a shot of Pecan Pie vodka.
4. (1) Tbsp maple syrup.
5. (1) Tsp vanilla extract
6.  1/4 Cup half & half
7. Brown sugar simple syrup 
(to taste)
8. Shake all ingredients together,
set aside.
9. Chop pecans finely, rim martini glass
in maple syrup, and dip in pecans for pecan rim.
10. Pour in pecan pie martini,
sip very slowly. 
It's a lot of calories, so savor every sip
And don't skip the gym in the morning! ;)

If you don't like sweeter cocktails,
don't waste your time - 
this cocktail is liquid dessert...
but worth every calorie!
That I promise you!
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or dream up some delicious creations using this
Pinterest board as your inspiration! 


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