Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lavender Honey Champagne, 3 ways

Save water.
Drink Champagne.

I'm drinking and blogging right now...
not even sure if this is legal.

My spelling looks ok, so maybe I'm not as drunk as I feel?!

Either way, this new Magnifico 'Lavender Honey' Prosecco 
(right?! because you can't call it champagne
unless it comes from the Champagne District of France)
is the new heaven on earth.

I told a friend who sells it I would play around with 
a bottle and put my mixology skills to work -
but then I tasted it and Mariah's 
"Fantasy" keeps ringing in my ears.
It seriously doesn't need anything.
It's really good on its own.

Without further adieu, I give you...

Lavender Honey Prosecco, 3 ways.

Pear Lavender Bellini:
2 tbsp pear puree
top with lavender honey prosecco
champagne flute

Lavender Sunrise:
1 squeeze of lemon wedge
1 tbsp simple syrup
lavender honey prosecco
champagne flute

Shades of Lavender:
 blueberry puree
1 tsp simple syrup
(if you mix your blueberries into the simple syrup
you can make a blueberry simple syrup in place)
lavender honey prosecco
champagne flute

Hope you enjoy sipping these cocktails
as much as I enjoyed creating & sampling them.

For more info, visit:
Magnifico Collection

P.S A little party never killed nobody.

Ray Ray

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