Monday, September 9, 2013

Current #Obsessions: September

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

August 31 has passed us by which means that I am
now officially 30 [!!!]

And that is disgusting. 

But I'll tell you what,
I partied the heck out of my 20's...
and danced the hell out of #1 [on this list]
on the day of my birthday.

Which by the way, was hella fabulous.
Pink champagne. Beauty & Essex. And my girls.
No better way to bring it in. 

Happy Birthday to me.

1. My birthday is approaching which means this song is on replay. It's my Birthday Song.

2. My newest obsession is Bubble Tea. I've been stopping in to the Book Revue in Huntington, which is on my way to work at Prime and grabbing one for the road. There are like 20 flavors and my goal is to try them all by the year's end. So far I've had honeydew, lychee, watermelon, papaya, green tea, almond, and Taro (which tastes like Sugar Cookie!)  I ambitious goal, right? 30 has made me really #reachforthestars.

3. Pumpkin Candles are back at Bath & Body Works! If my candle obsession wasn't bad enough throughout the year, Fall really shoots it through the roof. So grab your favorite pumpkin scents, a few matching wallflowers for your outlets, and let the sweet smell of Autumn seep into your walls. Happy Fall, everyone! :)

4.  Victoria Secret Giants Line - need I say more? Get em while they're hot. As we speak, this shirt is en route to me. 


5. Blame my latest obsession with Glossy Box on my makeup infatuation. We've already established I am the largest GOO HOARDER around, so I've come to accept this fate. Send me samples, and send them to me NOW. Please & thank you. 

6. This song by Drake. OMG - my crush on him has reached a whole new level with this jam. Sing it with me ... "I've got my eyes on you..."

7. My new blog layout  - ahhhh, how gorgeous is it? I am so happy with how it turned out and a big shout out to Smitten Blog Designs for doing such amazing work. Jacquelinne is the best!  Check out this before and after: love the cleaner layout, the new header, the cute makeup icons, and the new font on the blog title. What do you all think?

8. Seriously thinking of hosting a cocktail party just to have the opportunity to print and use these invites from one of my favorite blogs: Eat. Drink. Chic. How adorable?! Lets do cocktails.

9. Still dying over this Buzzfeed post, so hilarious (& cute) If Princesses had Instagram. Ok and this one is pretty good too! 28 Real Life Struggles of an Instagram Addict

10. Ummm, yes...yes...and yes to this recipe. So on the Fall radar is not even funny! Red Cherry Sangria.

And one extra because my birthday just passed (I'm really milkin' it!)

11. This iPhone cover. OMG.

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