Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quote of the Day: 5.29.13

It's true, you know.
Plus, I am a fan of any quote on a pink background,
and so there you have it.

Sorry, I've been away.
I owe my readers an apology for being M.I.A so long -
I always try and update AT LEAST once per day
so you have SOMETHING.
I haven't been very good at that.

The truth is, I've been rejuvenating.
A lot of training went into my half marathon
and after all these vacations 
(I know, having my life is EXHAUSTING! ha ha)
I just needed some R&R!

So what have I been doing with my "off-blogging" time.
Working out at the know, what any girl does to relax!
I've been putting in a lot of weight training
and I'm kind of loving what I see.
My goal was to have a six-pack this summer
and I'm not there yet, but I am seeing some very, VERY nice progress.
So thats exciting (for me, probably not you so much).
What else?
I've been catching up on Nashville,
and I'm sort of OBSESSED with Season 2.
Make that a DEFINITE.
I never want it to end, so I am watching these episodes
very slowwwwwllllllyyyyy 
and savoring every minute.

Other than the gym and playing catch-up on 
some of my DVR'ed shows, 
I've been reading.
I just finished "Room" and I liked it,
but given the situation with those 3 women just found
held in captivity for over 10 years,
it hit a little too close too home.
Next, I am starting John Green's
"The Fault in Our Stars"  -
heard it was awesome but sad.
Why do I keep picking these depressing books?
Can I please have some juicy, guilty pleasure
mindless summer read recommendations?! 

Anyways, I have some cool stuff just around the corner for you all.

Stay tuned for Rachel's June Edition of my favorite 'Beauty Picks'
some summery drink recipes (hello, cocktails outdoors!)
a post on makeup reorganizing 
(c'mon, you know your makeup drawer is a disaster)
Rachel's June Faves (just lots of fun items I adore)
my Cali photos (finally!)
AND a complete blog HAUL over.

My blog is being redesigned by Smitten Blog Designs
and as much as I love this blog's look - 
it needs some help.

I can't wait to share the new look with you
in the next month (or so!)
I am picky, so you know it needs to be
gorgeous before its unveiled.

Anyways, I'm back.


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