Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Episode #1: Makeup Faves

Here are some of my new beauty faves
and borderline obsessions,
for your viewing pleasure.

Rachel's Beauty Faves: Episode #1

There is nothing wrong with sharing beauty secrets.
We're women and we're all in this together...

I'm a pretty open book, ask me and I'll tell you.
While it's true I'm a girly girl
and I love makeup, and hair, and dolling up-
I'm cognizant of the fact I do things
constantly to better myself.
We all do this in one realm or another,
and if you say you don't -
you're a dirty little liar
and you need to have a honest little pep talk with yourself! :)

If a girl wants to wear fake eyelashes one night - who cares?
If she chooses to go the acrylic nails route
 versus a natural manicure - who cares?
If she happens to be wearing hair extensions
 and they look amazing - who cares?
(if you're wearing a rats nest -I'm going to tell you.
But privately, ha ha!)
If you want to wear BROWN colored contacts to cover
your EMERALD GREEN eyes, who's judging?
(ha ha, no names!)

Part of the magic of our species is that we all secretly do these things,
but its a "don't ask, don't tell" policy among us ladies...
(unless you want to know where that person got their
fabulous beauty regime done, so you can mimic the look,
then you get a pass.)

Ummm, YEAH I grew my hair 6 inches over the weekend...
(It's called vitamins!)

To me, copying is the best form of flattery.
Any girl who doesn't understand that is just catty.
Ditch 'em.

Side Story:

I once had a friend (no longer) who always smelled delicious,
so I asked her what kind of perfume she was wearing.
(It's not like I was going out the next day to buy it,
I was just curious.)
"I can't tell you."
Thinking I missed the joke I laughed and said "Why not?"
"I don't want you to smell like me."
Ummm, are ya kidding me?
Unless you're mixing up a batch of your own
perfume in your kitchen, I'm pretty sure the perfume
you're wearing is available for public sale.

I didn't even argue with the person,
people that insecure are better left alone.
IMPLODE on 3....2....1.

I guess I just don't understand it
because I'm the polar opposite.
I'm the girl who allows my girlfriends to come over
ransack my closet, wear garments that I've never even worn yet,
borrow my perfume, do their makeup and/or hair
before I'm even done with myself,
and not think twice.
That's the kind of friend I want to be
and the kind of friends I hope to attract.

You don't want friends that compete with you.
You want women in your life who inspire you,
empower you, and encourage you to be a better you.
That 'better you' is completely open
 to your own interpretation.
I'm not saying to go get $10,000 of plastic surgery to get there,
but a few beauty tricks here and there
are good, clean fun.

Who doesn't love being a WOMAN?

So I'm sharing these with you all,
because SHARING is CARING,
my little dolls.

Episode #1: Rachel's Beauty Faves.

I've tried to assemble these beauty products in the most logical order:
From Shower to Makeup.
Cath Kidson Shower Cap
When I was in London, Cath Kidson is HUGE in the U.K
I was looking all over London for one of her shops,
but couldn't find one. Waiting at London Heathrow Airport
for our departing flight, I was wandering around looking for a latte
and BAM - spotted one right in the airport terminal.
What are the odds?

Anyways this cute little shower cap is one of my favorite finds
because I try not to wash my delicate hair
(colored blondes, I know you feel my pain)
 every single day, and sometimes I just throw my hair under ones of
these for a quick jump-in, jump-out shower.


eos Vanilla Bliss shave cream

I've seen the EOS brand of shaving cream quite a bit, 
but was always too cheap to spring for the extra $1.50,
thinking its just shaving cream...they are all the same!
But, I was so wrong.
This is no ordinary Skin Mate shaving gel,
this is a shaving cream -
I literally feel like I'm shaving with vanilla frosting.
Not only does it smell delightful (huge plus)
but its deep conditioning and you can use it for
 a dry or wet shave. C'mon ladies - how many times
do you start to get ready, last minute decide to wear a dress but 
OH WAIT - your legs will so not pass the 'smooth test'.
So what do you do? You try and dry shave real quick,
hovering precariously one leg over the sink-
 which might work for a last-minute quick fix,
but the next day you have razor burn. Not worth it!
With this stuff, all you need is a quick smear of it, 
a fresh razor, and you're good to go -
no next day Razor Remorse.


I was sick to my stomach in D.C a few weeks ago,
 I won't go into details but my nephew gave me his stomach bug
and I was literally dying on a hotel bathroom floor thinking -
 I can think of so many BETTER ways to go.
Not cute, at all.
So my sister-in-law dropped me off a "care package" of sorts -
Gatorade, Saltines, soup, a toothbrush, and
surprised me with this lovely body wash and a matching
pink loofah which was perfect
because I was in desperate need of some cleaning up.
Anyways, the gesture was so sweet.
I ran a warm bath immediately and lathered up
with this seasonal must-have,
"Rosewater & Raspberry", which is perfect for Spring.
Not the thickest body wash I've ever used,
but it got the job done!

Rachel's Homemade Magical Beauty Butter
I don't want to self-promote too much here,
but I recently whipped up a batch of this stuff 
and I can't get enough of it.
It airs a little on the greasy side because its made with
 coconut oil + shea butter
(so you might not want to get dressed right away)
 but its super moisturizing and fun to make! :)


Sun Bum, Zinc Oxide SPF 50
I had sun poisoning on my face years ago
(we're talking high school)
but it was so severe
(a.k.a I looked like I was attacked by Dr. Hannimal Lecter)
doctors thought I may require plastic surgery in the future
for a skin graft. I freaked out and cried for days.
The only thing that saved me was the raw aloe my mom
bought from a health food store that I laid over my skin
throughout the healing process. Luckily, I didn't require surgery
and everything healed properly - 
but now I never take chances with the sun.
Also recently diagnosed with a Basil Cell Carcinoma lesion, 
(a form of skin cancer)
I've very conscious of my time in the sun.
No more tanning salon visits (only spray tans!)
or all day beach outings with no protection
(I wear SPF, an adorable floppy straw hat, and call it a day)
This is my skin. And its with me for life.
I love Sun Bum -
the pina colada scent is divine and the zinc oxide
is strong enough to protect my moneymaker (ha ha) --
I mean my face.
(oh c'mon - have a sense of humor.
It was a joke!)
Anything that protects your largest organ from the cancerous sun,
is an automatic A+ in my book.

A +
It's a 10 - for Blondes!
Next up, is my favorite leave-in conditioner.
It's a 10...for blondes!
Did you even know this stuff exists?
It's the same potion, which some extra stuff
to keep blonde locks looking gorgeous.
You're welcome!

Revlon Lash Potion: Grow Luscious
I'm not going to lie - I am a sucker for marketing.
I loved this colorful mascara and had to own it.
I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover,
but isn't it a gorgeous cover?
The only uh-oh I made is that its water-proof,
which tend to rip out my lashes - but hey,
its summer.
Now I'm ready for the beach/pool-
no RACCOON EYES to fear upon exiting.
Maybe it was fate it ended up in my cart.
Maybe we're meant to be.


Maybelline: Whisper in Fuchsia
I'm a sucker for pink lipstick,
but sometimes in the summer you look like you're
trying WAY too hard with this shade if its too matte.
Summer you think corals, or earth-inspired tones,
shimmery or high-shine - nothing too dramatic for day.
Which is why I love this new 'Whisper' line -
these lipsticks go on like a gloss, are super-light on your lips
(nothing that feels like tacky glue or too sticky)
and they are all high-shine.
I really liked the formula, so 
I was naughty and still went with a hot pink
(hell-lo, its summer - why not?)
since it was so sheen, I felt like I
could get away with it.
Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?
A solid...

Maybelline Whisper in Fuchsia)
Victoria Secret Perfume: Incredible
So I find myself wearing this perfume more and more lately
because every time I wear it out, I get a lot of compliments. 
What is it? 
Just kidding.
Victoria Secret: Incredible.
Wear it and turn into Superwoman for the night
or whatever freaky stuff you're into.
Let's get crazy and go with a ...


I never got the concept of dry shampoo.
I didn't GET IT.
So you want me to spray this stuff in my dirty hair
and pretend its clean? 
Don't they call that a Puerto Rican shower?
(oh wait, thats with cologne)
But apparently this stuff is ALL THE RAVE.
I saw it all over the U.K
(of course, naturally I was attracted to the bottle 
with cherries hanging all over it)
but I think this concept is starting to catch.
Just because you spray it in doesn't mean you can't shower
(hello shower cap above)
it just means you don't have to wash your hair
I've tried this whole skipping washings between showers 
thing before because my hairdresser
(Michelle from Salon 3028, I'm obsessed with you!)
warned me of the dangers of over-washing and ridding 
your hair of the natural oils that protect it,
but I just couldn't do it
because my hair is just  too fine. 
 I always wake up in the morning
looking like a grease ball -
UNTIL NOW, that is. 
I am kinda loving this stuff.
Preserve your hair...go Dry Shampoo
one to two days in between washings! :)



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