Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Super-Fab Nails

I'm heading to the nail salon SOON,
because I need my boy hands [i.e nails] done so bad.
Boy hands.
 Thats what I call them when I don't have acrylics on.

I want something super-fab, so instantly
that includes glitter of some sort.

I found both of these on weheartit.
Which do you like better?

Left side embraces: Girly Glam
Baby pink would be nice for spring
and I love the gold contrast against it.
An upside down French?
Trendy...I like.

Right side embraces: Classic French + Chic
You have your french manicure - a true classic
with black tips instead for a chic twist.
I love the jagged glitter on top - Nice touch! 

Hmmm, decisions...decisions.

Which do YOU like?


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