Friday, April 12, 2013

Lady in the street, but a freak in the gym!

I workout several times a week -
most often its running (my addiction and one true love),
 but on off days when I cross-train it can be anything from
kickbox, to hot yoga, to weight training, to spin
(no Crossfit yet, but I'll get there)
and as I'm pushing myself to the 
I often feel I might die right in the very spot I stand.
I'm sure some of you can sympathize with me there.

So I've decided in an effort to go out in style if/when
this should happen, I want to look cute.
I never know who might try and revive me,
and I sure as heck don't want to be unprepared.
I can see him hovering over me saying
 "Ya know...she could have been my future wife,
but these gym clothes are deal breakers."
Feel me?

Not to worry.
I bought 6 [sweet] new gym tanks today
from this spot in an effort to prevent this
catastrophe from ever occurring. 

I'll post the link below each tank in case you TOO
decide the need to step up your gym wardrobe game.
So grab a couple of new cute/inspiring gym tanks
and a few colorful sports bras to throw underneath
(Marshalls/T.J Maxx have a great selection of name brands for less)
and MOVE IT.

For a little inspiration,
Pink Floyd's 'Welcome to the Machine'
It's always my Half Marathon bringer homer ;)


Hot Pink & Black

Royal Blue & Hot Pink

Neon Yellow

Check out the Bundle 
of the two tanks above and save $4.00
Train Dirty + Train Like a Beast, Look Like a Beauty for $40 
(tap the links for either of the shirts above,
 scroll further down the page, and you'll find the bundle.)

White & Multi-Color


This message brought to you by the hashtag


UP NEXT: Fine China

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